A Very Special Gift

The Goodhart Samplers

I know it’s now mid-February, but I still want to share this very special Christmas present with you guys. I was given the extremely unexpected and generous Christmas gift of an Amazon gift certificate from some lovely friends. I was very moved by the gift because I had *absolutely* no idea it was coming and it arrived in the post on a really great day and it somehow made me feel like things were starting to come together for me.

The Goodhart Samplers

A lot to read into a gift certificate! Not to be too dramatic, it just felt really nice and was extremely appreciated. I wanted to pick something really special, something I would still have years and years from now and always remember that it was such a kind gift.

The Goodhart Samplers

The Goodhart Samplers by Dorothy Bromiley Phelan, Eva-Lotta Hansson, and Jacqueline Holdsworth (and published by the amazing Needleprint) is not an easy book to come by now and it took a while, but I managed to scoop up a ‘used’ (but looks barely touched!) copy via Amazon. It’s such an incredibly beautiful book, I can’t tell you how much I love it!

I’m extremely interested in samplers and the history of them, and the Goodhart collection is one the world’s largest. It’s got everything: band samplers, alphabet samplers, cross-stitch, canvas work, needlelace, darning … everything. The photography is crisp and clear like no other needlework book I’ve ever seen. You can see the thread of every stitch. It’s just remarkable, the whole thing.

The Goodhart Samplers

I could tell before I even opened it that this book will be an inspiration for years to come. I already have projects planned after just browsing its beautiful pages a few times. Thanks, friends, you rock!

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