Hello there! I’m Julie Zaichuk-Ryan: obsessive needlecrafter at large.

Over the past ten years, I’ve picked up one type of thread or yarn after another and loved them all – I’ve come to think of myself as a needleworker rather than a lover of any specific craft. But my love of stitching by hand comes above all, especially hand-pieced patchwork, embroidery and, most recently, handmade bobbin lace. Machines are useful, but working by hand wins every time. I hope you’ll stick around and stitch with me, and join in my love of vintage style, traditional needlework techniques, and the history of needlecraft.


I’m an American currently living in the UK with my family and a giant cat, doing my best to spread my needlecrafting love all over the internets:

Please visit my gallery to see examples of my work, or just browse around and see what you find!


Little Dorrit & Co. is a mother-and-daughter team, Chris and Julie Zaichuk-Ryan. We are book lovers, illustrators and embroiderers.

Together we aim to cover the world with adorably stitched tributes to everyone’s favorite characters! We love digging through the books you love to find those tiny details that will bring it to life, the character descriptions that make them instantly recognizable to true fans, the funny moments that keep you smiling to yourself.

Our embroidery patterns are for sale via the Little Dorrit & Co. Etsy shop. We recently contributed a free pattern to Sew Mama Sew, which you can find here, and have another free project coming soon!

Are you looking a custom handmade item or pattern contributions for your magazine/book/website? Please get in touch! I’d love to chat with you about it!
I am also available for small-scale craft / sewing pattern tech editing at a ridiculously affordable price. Maybe you’re working on releasing your first craft pattern and aren’t ready for a hefty tech editing process. Perhaps English is a second language and you need a native eye. Or maybe you’re just starting out and you simply want some back-up before you publish. Writing a clear, concise, easy-to-follow pattern isn’t always the same as having an awesome idea, and it’s always worth the effort to make your pattern the best it can be! No assignment is too small, and my pricing caters to those just starting out in the pattern-writing world. Get in touch!

Contact me at
julie [at] button-button [dot] co [dot] uk
and tell me what you have in mind!