When I got back from my trip to Amsterdam a few days ago, the Tour de Fleece was just about to begin and I had to rush to get started. I’m still working on my silk (I’ll do my first tour report once I finish it in a day or two) so can now take a little blog-breather to tell you how wonderful my vacation was. I really had the very, very best time – the kind that holidays almost never are, because they usually can’t live up to the build up in your head. But this one was even better than I’d hoped. My brother and I had a wonderful time doing the Dutch things we’d been missing and just generally hanging out: we rode the pretty subways (decorated by artists to keep the trains clean and pretty without replacing the beat-down cars), we lazily strolled around the city, we sat on the Leidseplein and people watched, we waited in line for Amsterdam’s best fries with big globs of mayonnaise, we wondered about the mysterious meat that is ‘beef pork’, we saw Tom Petty and Pearl Jam and saw Eddie Vedder sing with Tom Petty and my brains almost exploded (it’s even on youtube, though I don’t want to watch it and have the amazing memory colored), we waited in line for the venue to open just for the fun of hanging out and being excited with other Pearl Jam fans, we saw a movie in the most beautiful cinema on earth, we got to spend quality time with Tammy, my bestest pal evar (looking shifty below, though I’d probably look like that too if I was sitting next to my brother doing a Kermit-the-Frog-flailing-his-arms-excitedly impression), and, exhausted, we brought home pretty office supplies from the Hema and tiny stroopwafels. Nom. Best. Vacation. EVER.

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  1. Holly
    July 4, 2012 at 06:44 (6 years ago)

    I need to go to Amsterdam. Like, now.


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