Bear throw pillows (second down!)

2am: finished! Fronts ...

Second redecorating project done! These throw pillow covers will replace the ones I have now – or not replace so much as be a second set so I can limit the damage to the pretty satin ones on my bed now that are starting to look a bit worn. These fabrics all came from the M is for Make sale section and happened to look lovely together and match my bedroom color scheme perfectly. Totally not planned, but nice timing. I raided my stash for the backs.

... and backs. Now it's bedtime.

Sorry not to have better than Instagram photos to share (by the way, are you an Instagram user? Come find me over there as ‘gotthebutton’!) but I finished these at 2am last night and the weather today hasn’t been great for photos. I mean, lookit!


It doesn’t make for great photo lighting, but goodness, how I love the snow so much. Sigh. In the meantime, all the painting is now done, my new bed is together and in place (there’s more progress Instagram photos in my Flickr photostream if you’d like to see some peeks as I go), and I love how it’s coming together! Now it’s mostly about putting it all back in place, hanging things back on the wall, that sort of thing. But that’s enough for today – I am totally exhausted and ready for a quiet night watching the snow fall.

1 Comment on Bear throw pillows (second down!)

  1. Caroline
    January 20, 2013 at 19:15 (5 years ago)

    That bear fabric is lovely… but I now have urgings towards glacier mints! Beautiful colours on the covers, too :)


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