Bobbin Lace Walkthrough, Part Three

Bobbin Lace - Part 3

Welcome to the last installment of our little stroll through the making of bobbin lace. I’ve loved sharing it with you – I wish I did it sooner, but I’m not sure I knew enough yet. As I said in part one, it just suddenly felt natural to do it. I love it when a plan comes together.

Anyway, on we go! At the end of part two, we’d actually finished a whole pattern repeat, if you can call it that: a section of ground, a trail, spider, and finished the trail. Now we’re here, back to the ground pattern:

Bobbin Lace - Part 3

Because this particular pattern works like a maze, snakes down one length, then takes a u-turn and back up again (which you’ll probably be able to see better in a minute), I sometimes have to work around corners (the u-turn). Since I just finished that last spider and it was on a u-turn area, I have to work sections of ground that essentially turn a corner.

The above photo shows a corner, which looks the same as the last triangle of ground I worked, only bigger. This will not be worked as one large triangle, but actually as two triangles one after the other. Exactly like before, only twice. Then the corner is turned, and it’s time for another spider!

Bobbin Lace - Part 3

And that’s it! Ok, it probably didn’t seem so easy-peasy without learning all the beginner’s stuff first, but it really isn’t as complicated as it might look. I hope these posts made it at least a little less mystifying. Just like any other needlecraft, you learn the stitches and just do them in a particular arrangement, over and over and over. Actually, nearly this entire piece is worked in half-stitch, just in different ways per area. (Note: Because it is a sampler, half of the spiders are worked in whole-stitch, but you get the point.) This is how far into the pattern I am now …

Bobbin Lace - Part 3

… compared to when I just started this project back in December (that’s an A4 sheet of paper, for scale):

Bobbin Lace - Part 3

Woohoo! Almost finished with the spider sampler section! (And, actually, I’ve kept working since I took these photos, and now have only about an inch left to work.) I’m excited to surprise my teacher and have the entire body of the project done before my next lesson this weekend. Won’t she be glad not to have to watch me work all those little ground sections, over and over again?! The border will sample different ground patterns, and I’m really looking forward to getting on and learning something new!

I hope you liked seeing a little of how this whole lace thingamy works, and that I didn’t make it too-too confusing. Like any craft, it feels like a world of insanity when you first start, but it really isn’t as scary as it looks, I promise!

3 Comments on Bobbin Lace Walkthrough, Part Three

  1. Melizza
    May 14, 2013 at 19:09 (5 years ago)

    It looks spectacular and so intimidating. But what an awesome hobby to take up.

    • julie
      May 16, 2013 at 10:14 (5 years ago)

      Yes, it looked like a blurry swirls of bobbins and thread when I first started, but it really does start to make sense so much sooner than you’d expect. I admit, longer than when I learned to knit or crochet, but you get there in the end. Getting the completely coincidental chance to take lessons from an awesome woman is one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me! :)

  2. Jennifer
    May 29, 2016 at 04:16 (2 years ago)

    Can you tell me where you found this sampler pattern? I am working on bookmarks out of several publications but would like something larger, such as your pattern. I know this is from a few years ago, but I just chanced on your blog while looking at Pinterest! I haven’t yet looked but hope you are still working bobbin lace! Can you please send me an email with that information, if you have it yet? Thanks so much!!


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