Bird and (Many) Vines Mitts – free chart for you

Bird And Vine Mitts

Last winter, I became smitten with the Bird and Vine Mitts (ravelry link here – these mitts are a variation on the famous Endpaper Mitts), but I loved the effect of the vines so much that I wanted them to continue around the palm side. It took some time, but I managed to make a new palm chart that continued the vines around to the other side by repeating elements from the original chart.

Bird And Vine Mitts

Because EvaKatharina was so generous as to provide the original charts for free to anyone who liked them, it’s only fair that I offer up my adaptation as well. So here you go – you’ll need the original back of hand charts from the Ravelry link above then just substitute the left and right palm charts from my PDF. It should all be self-explanatory – happy knitting!

(Download link working now, so so sorry to anyone who tried to get to it before!!!)

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