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Little Dorrit & Co. Enamel Pin For Sale!

Floral Enamel Pin

Eeeep! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long while now and I finally took the plunge: using Little Dorrit & Co. designs on items other than only embroidery patterns. I just think they are super-cute, although I am a teensy bit biased, and I would love to see them make their way a little further into the world.

Floral Enamel Pin

So I decided to start with an enamel pin, because I’m totally loving this trend (so fun!) and I thought pin-lovers like me might appreciate one that’s a little different – sweet, teensy, and dainty. So I’ve started with one of our popular Shakespeare’s Flowers designs, because they’re so so pretty (if I do say so my damn self). I’m working on a plan for a second pin – any requests? – and I’ve got some other ideas for Little Dorrit & Co. merchandise a-brewin’. Watch out for new items in the coming months!

Our new Primrose enamel pin is available in the shop now, and you can find our Shakespeare’s Flowers embroidery pattern (five designs in one!) right here.

Freaky Flowers Swap: Venomous Tentacula

Venomous Tentacula - pattern coming soon!

I made this embroidery for my swap partner, Amanda, in the Freaky Flowers Swap over at &Stitches. Amanda mentioned that she is a book lover and a Harry Potter fan, so we were a perfect match! Only a few plants are directly mentioned in the Harry Potter-verse, that I could find, and only this one didn’t have a strong visual counterpart in the movies; I didn’t want to mimic a look someone else designed, I wanted to imagine what the plant might look like myself.

Not much is known about the Venomous Tentacula, except that it is toothy, has grabby arms, and is fully poisonous. I based my colors and basic plant structure on real-life carnivorous plants, the nearly neon orange-red against the bright spring green is a common palette for these creepy plants. And my inspiration was antique botany illustrations, which I absolutely love.

I really hope Amanda liked her Freaky Flower and, since reaction to this little guy has been pretty great so far, I think I’ll add it as a pattern to the Little Dorrit & Co. pattern shop very soon!

For My Chrissy.

For Chrissy.

I’ve been trying to work up the, well, courage to write this post for many weeks, and I really don’t think I even have it now. Maybe I never fully will. But although this has never been an especially personal blog, it has always been an unofficially shared blog – as half of Little Dorrit & Co., my mentor in everything related to art in every way, and the co-maker of many of the projects shared here, my mother is a huge part of this site. It would seem wrong somehow not to write this post, as difficult as it is.

After a long, unspeakably difficult, and terribly unfair year and a half, my little Mommy passed away at the end of August. I can’t believe it’s been so long now – I feel just as raw now as the day it happened – and I miss her more every day that goes by. So much for things getting easier with time.

For Chrissy.

I’m sorry that I just disappeared for a while, that my sampler project – and the Crazy Quilting posts – simply stopped in their tracks, and that I haven’t posted anything but Orange Peel Quilt-Along updates for ages now. I just can’t seem to muster up the enthusiasm for anything else. If you’re one of my Instagram pals, you’ll already know this happened, and that I’ve been comforting myself with the peels and distracting myself with a Halloween quilt – but really, that’s all I seem to want to do at the moment.

For Chrissy.

I don’t want to simply gush at you about how sad I am that Mom and I will not finish so much of what we had planned together, and how heartbroken I am that I won’t ever see her again (how can that possibly be true?!) – again, this has never really been that kind of blog. But I did want to share with you – as readers who have seen so much of her work and influence on these pages – some of her beautiful artwork, because it deserves to be admired. We had our moments, but I would do anything to continue working with her and her amazing drawings.

For Chrissy.

There are more Little Dorrit & Co. patterns to be released, eventually, when they don’t make me so incredibly sad to think about – and there are more embroideries that we planned, which I will stitch one day soon. Not just yet, but soon. I appreciate all of you Orange Peel-alongers for unknowingly providing me with the perfect comfort project, right when I needed it, and I will return to those projects I abandoned as soon as I feel able. I hope you’ll stick with me and be patient until I’m able to make a proper return here.

One of Mom's paintings, rehung in the bathroom. This one was for my brother, who is named Atticus - the quote is, "Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I'd have the facts." (from To Kill A Mockingbird)

And in the meantime, I’ll share my favorite photo of my Chrissy and I, which I have framed in my bedroom and was taken just before she got sick – the two of us and the amazing Jane Austen quilt, in a quiet moment.

For Chrissy.

Love you, Mommy.

Reminder: Little Dorrit & Co. Embroidery Pattern Discount Ends Tomorrow!


I just wanted to make sure you all got a chance to grab a discount in our shop – 20% off with the code CHRISTMASINJULY when you checkout! Above is a little reminder of all of our Christmas patterns, including the two we released this month, which you can check out in the Christmas section in the shop – but you’re free to use the discount on any pattern(s) you like. The discount ends tomorrow, at the end of July!

Merry Christmas in July, everyone – thanks so much for joining us!

The Gingerbread Man – New Embroidery Pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

Introducing our second Christmas in July embroidery pattern – The Gingerbread Man! An adorable cookie man making his way through a colorful cookie forest, trying not to be eaten all up.

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

If you remember the story, the poor little Gingerbread Man meets a devious fox who offers to carry him across the river – but then gobbles him all up instead!

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

To be totally honest with you, I think the Gingerbread Man story is a little unfair. I think we’re supposed to think he’s smug, like the Hare, who is so overly confident that he manages to lose a race to a slow-ass tortoise*. But the Gingerbread Man just wants to not be chewed alive, which seems fair enough to me, you know?!

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

All the project stats are in listed on the product page. I might be biased, but I think this one is really fun to work up – we planned the stitching out to mimic gingerbread and icing!

Don’t forget to grab yourself a hearty 20% off in the Little Dorrit & Co. shop! Use the code CHRISTMASINJULY at checkout – this offer ends on August 1st, so just a few days left to take advantage!

*By the way, Little Dorrit & Co. has a Tortoise and the Hare embroidery pattern too. Just sayin’. :)

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