Mid-Week Break

Mid-Week Break

Mid-week Break - 31 July 2013

1. Modern scrappy bits swap, 2. three together, 3. Untitled, 4. The Mythology of Tears: tears couldn’t save him from flying too close to the sun, 5. zippy things, 6. nettle, 7. WIP: Tea Solves Everything, 8. Hand quilting detail, 9. Fiar, 10. yes / no, 11. IMG_2893, 12. Sasquatch progress, 13. 夜合枝头别有春,坐含风露入清晨,任他明月能想照,敛尽芳心不向人, 14. In the words of @hotpinkstitches “better late than crappy” #pts, 15. Bird on a Branch I by wild roses grow, 16. thrifting today didnt buy the fish implanted bar but wanted too lol

Mid-Week Break

  • I love all of the ‘Thrift Store Gore’ posts from The Little Big Blog, but this one about “The Ungame” is too awesome for words. Even though it’s basically a train-wreck marketed as group entertainment, I can’t help but want to play it at some sort of cocktail-fueled get-together.
  • I’ve had Quentin Tarantino on the brain lately, with the DVD release of Django Unchained meaning I could finally watch it again, which also meant I had to watch Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds for the eight zillionth times. So of course I loved these prints that re-work Tarantino’s films into classic Penguin book covers by artist Sharm Murugiah (via Flavorwire) – the Reservoir Dogs one especially nails it.
  • Also seen on Flavorwire, this awesome list of the worst book cover designs ever. I mean, really, there’s just no words for some of these. I think the Scarlet Pimpernel is the best. No words.
Mid-Week Break -- 12 June 2013

1. so I couldn’t resist, 2. The feet of @gotthebutton and moi. :-), 3. New York Beauty, 4. sheets, 5. pekin knot hell, 6. Sashiko Inspired, 7. Today really is a Good Day, 8. finished my “low volume” quilt, 9. Great Grandmother’s Embroidery, 10. poduszka3, 11. violet likes the new quilt!, 12. narwhal bird, 13. New Wave Quilt – quilting, 14. Quilt Block Swap – May – For Debbie, 15. Progress!, 16. dresden plates.

Mid-Week Break

  • The maker of this tote (Kin Ship Goods, via Etsy) really understands cat people (aka me).
  • I enjoyed a weekend-long Firefly / Serenity marathon (love those guys!) and yes, I’m a massive geek, but I wants this cutaway map of Serenity. I love that the internet is full of enough nerdy creative peeps that beautiful things like this are made. Number 1 awesome thing about the intertubes.
  • This, on the other hand, makes me feel sick and angry. I’m absolutely horrified by how all girl’s toys (aka My First Role Model, because let’s face it, when girls are 5 or 6, they love those ponies and dolls and princesses the same way they will people they look up to later) are all so shiny and slutty and – most importantly – *samey* now. Way to teach our kids that they are only pretty if they fit this one tiny, unattainable category now!! Fist bump! It’s becoming downright creepy the way everyone looks the same now. And that added to the notion that women are now supposed to be positively skeletal to be pretty … and then we have episodes of Glee telling us that eating disorders are bad and 250% more candy in Candyland. Seriously, people, this is so out of hand. I feel so sad for little girls today, with everyone pulling on them in every direction: even My Little Ponies are telling them to be skinnier and sluttier (don’t even get me started on Rainbow Brite, I almost cried!) and then they have candy and junk and snacks jammed at them while everyone tells even the littlest critters that they’re obese. Damn, I feel sad enough for us grown-up girls, I’d hate to be young in this environment. Ok, rant over. Sigh. Update: Speak of the devil. Disney has removed their shameful “update” of Brave’s Merida. What the hell were they thinking?! Who decided that girls can’t have a tough, sensible heroine to look up to?! Ugh.

Let’s see some pretty, quick!

Mid-Week Break - May 16

1. string-ish X quilt close up, 2. Double the Pyrex, 3. Look who’s done with knitting socks!, 4. diy double points, 5. X-Factor Pillow Round 5 – Cocktail Party, 6. Kat, 7. Plushies, 8. Binding, 9. Maybroidery Day 2, 10. Eco Friendly Cloth Napkins, 11. New fave :), 12. TAST – long and short stitch, 13. Block Rock’n Week 5 – Caldonia, 14. Chain Stitch Orange, 15. Tribute Star Quilt, 16. WIP: Today…I finished.

mid-week break

Just a quickie today, but there’s so much gorgeous stuff out there right now. All you crafters out there make me just want to make more, more, more!

Mid-week Break - April 17 2013

1. silhouette, 2. Freedom Quilt Detail, 3. Retro Rubies Front // Retro Rubies QAL, 4. Tapestry Wool, 5. Yarn Adventures Sock, 6. 5.73: Buttons, 7. Shale Baby Blanket, 8. rosa rosa tan maravillosa, 9. Antique French Floral Fabric, 10. Hellebore, 11. east wall, 12. love triangle quilt, 13. Periwinkle Star Quilt Finished, 14. Little Red Riding Hood Baby Quilt, 15. Untitled, 16. Vintage Chenille & Sheet Quilts, 17. From now onmy pasta must look this pretty, 18. Handwoven Linen, Silk and Cotton Table Runner, 19. Printing day., 20. The new star quilt, 21. The Pincushion Project is complete, 22. February Project Mini | Stargazer, 23. mine Round Robin., 24. 77:365, 25. Embroidered K

Mid-week Break

Again, no links to share this week, I’m not sure why except that I’ve been oddly busy and not trawling around on the internet as much lately? Whatever the case, here’s some wonderful beautiful treasures from Flickr for you to investigate and, hey, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!

Mid-Week Break - March 14, 2013

1. dots_cat, 2. Etoile géante, 3. Finis caput., 4. Briggs, 5. out to sea zigzag II, 6. Blueberries in lavendar and blue, 7. Purple Magic, 8. Monstros a solta!, 9. flickr.com/photos/15866934@N00/8550156479/, 10. green, 11. Skunk, 12. Black Coffee Mitts: in progress, 13. I love the center of each of the stars, 14. Vintage Sheet Giant Star Quilt, 15. Boy and Girl., 16. triangle sampler

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