Tools & Toys Tuesday

My Desk, No Gloss

This is my desk. No gloss.

Inspired by my pal Carina’s post of the same name (who was in turn inspired by this post by Kim Werker), I thought I’d share my workspace as a sort of extension of Tools & Toys day today. Although I agree with Kim about the “industry of gloss” — I tend to think of it as everything being so excessively shiny, and it doesn’t just apply to the crafty blogosphere, but absolutely everything: tv, food, magazines, ugh, I’m so tired of everything being so damn perfect all the time — I happen to be a quite tidy person.

The truth is that I just don’t have the luxury of being messy! This desk you see before you is in my bedroom, with no space elsewhere for a work desk of my own. So if I let it get messy, even though I can close it up, the area I need to relax in at night and get a good rest in will be full of work and ideas and I will never be able to shut my brain off. Although the general consensus is that you aren’t ‘truly’ creative if you’re not messy, I am not – I hope this doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be considered creative. I process and plan ideas more clearly when I am not fighting through a wall of crap, that’s just how I am.

That said, I do have piles of projects and works in progress all over the house. Everywhere. But they’re very tidy piles.

Tools & Toys Tuesday

Kelmscott Designs Scissors

EEEP! Would you look at these ridiculously adorable scissors?! I needed a pair of small scissors for my lace kit and went to the usual stores nearby, thinking it’d be the simplest thing to find. Snort. Hobbycraft (true to form) had NO small scissors in stock at all, John Lewis was conveniently out of stock of anything under £15. I didn’t need them to be fancy scissors, just simple ones, so I decided to go for these from Kelmscott Designs (bought via Fobbles in the UK) that I’d seen around online. These are Little Gems (to the left) and Putford (right) – and for scale, I’ve included my current sewing needle. You should also know that I can fit them both in the palm of my hand together. Sigh. I wish all my tools were this adorable! I have my eye on getting some more pairs eventually – they’re so perfect for making a really tiny travel embroidery or English Paper Piecing kit!

Tools & Toys Tuesday

Tips & Tools Tuesday

Today I’m introducing a new feature here on button button – Tools & Toys Tuesday! I’ve been thinking for a while now about a way to regularly feature some of the lovely things we crafters use, rather than make. We ooh and ahh over beautiful yarn and fabric before it’s even been wound or pressed for cutting – clearly we all appreciate the raw materials and tools we use on them just as much as we do the finished object. So this will be a (semi-) regular feature from now on, just a little ode to the beautiful things we use to make beautiful things.

Since I’ve been talking a lot about lace lately, I thought I’d start by sharing these gorgeous bobbins I just bought from m*g-bob-ins on Ebay (they don’t appear to have any new bobbins for sale at the moment, but they will). I could’ve gotten a better photo if they weren’t already in use on my pillow, but they arrived over the weekend and there was no way I was going to let them wait until my next project! They feel lovely too – delicate, but they make a wonderful little click when they bump into each other. I find lace bobbins hard to resist – since you use so many on one project at a time, there’s no such thing as too many, which is a bit of a dangerous concept when a tool is this charming!

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