Vintage Sunday

Vintage Sunday: Apron in Need of Some Love

Vintage Apron

I have been stricken by a fit of indecisiveness and can’t choose between painting my new sewing box or trying to sand and refinish it somehow, so I’ll have to share that another day. But, speaking of indecisiveness, there’s something you can help me with! I was gifted this charity shop apron by a friend a few weeks ago – isn’t it exciting?! I’m not sure when this apron is from, I suspect the 70s, but it really could be the 60s or even 80s by the look of it. But it’s fabulous – and pink! We all know how I love me some pink! – and I’m actually seriously in need of an apron anyway. It needs a little love though – you might be able to see that the straps are hanging on by a thread, literally. My friend and I decided that it could be repaired simply by replacing the edge binding, which would catch all the little problem areas along the way.

So, keeping in mind that the binding along the top and on the pocket are fine and can’t easily be replaced without really dismantling the entire thing, which color should I use?! I can’t decide – I can’t even rule one out! The brown makes the whole thing darker; the baby pink makes it brighter. The darker pink is about the same intensity as the original binding, but isn’t exactly the same shade, which might look odd if I don’t change the pocket / top edges. Help me – what do you guys think?!

Vintage Sunday: 1950s Sewing Box

I’ve been thinking for a while that if I want my blog to represent me (rather than just some projects), I need to include some of the other things I love. One of my major loves is vintage, in nearly any form, which is something I really only touch on from time to time. So I hereby introduce Vintage Sundays, where I’ll share some part of my vintage love: a project, some awesome thrifted find, a recipe – who knows?! It could get crazy up in here, 1950s-style! My love of anything from the 1930s all the way to the 1970s is widespread, so I don’t want a limit on what might appear here, just trust that it will be of the past.

My new 1950s sewing box!

Good timing for this new post too, because I went out with my pals to the local Vintage & Handmade Market yesterday and was (easily) convinced to take this beautiful sewing box home with me. I’ve been thinking for a while now it’d be nice to have one on legs (these are detachable, which is very handy feature), to be level with me and easy to reach while I work, especially since I do more hand-sewing now than I used to. It’s a little bit of a fixer-upper: it’s got a few dings and scratches and the hinges are a little rusty. But who loves a project more than me?!

My new 1950s sewing box!

I think I’ll give her a coat of paint and maybe replace the hinges – weather permitting, I’ll tackle this project at the end of the week / next weekend. Right now I’m thinking white on the outside, with a light aqua / robin’s egg blue on the inside for a nice 1950s look, but I’ll think on it and do a little research before I decide for sure. I hope I can share a revamp with you for Vintage Sunday next week!

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