Woolgathering: Couching

Woolgathering - Couching

1. Couch Work, 2. Fuego, detalle, 3. Embroidery Couching, 4. Labyrinth – couching done, 5. Stitch sample., 6. The coils of couching, 7. Sewing String (couching), 8. couching, couching, couching, 9. 3 sampler couching detail 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I have two projects floating around in my head now – the first will be all in chain stitch, the second all couching. I just tried counching for the first time last week – fun fun fun! About halfway through my first try, I was already trying to think of a project I could do entirely in couching. It took a while, but if finally occurred to me to combine that idea with another that I’ve been mulling over since last summer-ish. The two together will be perfect match. Surfing Flickr for these pictures gave me one last idea to apply to this project, something else I’ve wanted to do for a while, so it’s now almost all planned out. I love it when a plan comes together. I really really really hope I can finish something off soon to free up a little crafting time for this one!

In the meantime, admire the lovely and interesting ways these embroiderers have played with couching in their own works!

Woolgathering: Chain Stitch

Woolgathering - Chain Stitch

1. Chain stitch B, 2. L.O.V.E, 3. WIP: Life Begins Now (Detail), 4. Embroidery on a toy lizard WIP #2, 5. 115.366 | special easter dish towel message, 6. Intertwined: up close, 7. chain stitch leaf, 8. Band sampler: Chain stitch (closeup), 9. Some more chain stitch, 10. blue button, 11. Chain stitch detail, 12. Angel Bunny’s Halo close-up, 13. How to Self Cover a Button 19, 14. Stitch explorer March, 15. Detached chain stitch, 16. Floral Sampler – Stem Detail

So how do the rest of you crafty types keep blogging when you’re in the middle of a project with no progress to show yet, and have nothing but ideas to discuss otherwise? I’m working on some flowers from the antique Austrian craft magazines I showed you the other day (wee free embroidery pattern there if you missed it!) but there’s not enough progress to make it interesting or enticing yet. Other than that, I have these two ideas I’m dying to get started on, but no time yet to do so – both completely in one stitch alone. One will be done in chain stitch and since I haven’t worked out the details yet, it could be a while before I can show it off. In the meantime, here’s some examples of beautiful chain stitch by some very talented Flickr embroiderers. I’m in love with this stitch right now, I can’t get enough!

Woolgathering: pin cushions

Woolgathering: pincushions

1. Pincushions, 2. Teacup Pincushion, 3. Untitled, 4. Little Christmas Donkey, 5. s i x patchwork pincushions., 6. quilted pincushion, 7. Dolce Pincushions, 8. Flying Pig, 9. Raindrops Pincushion, 10. Pincushion Swap – Sending!, 11. Pin Row, 12. been down so long…., 13. Lovebird Pincushion, 14. mini pincushion of happiness, 15. hedgehog pincushion, 16. IMG_2315

After pinning out pieces of my Dad’s sweater vest (no, I’m still not done with my Christmas presents, sigh), I noticed that the pincushion I use for my blocking pins is all covered in dried starch flakes from when I blocked my grandmother’s crocheted snowflake ornaments just before Christmas. I’ve never really been happy with that one anyway, so this is just the perfect excuse to make myself a new one! Due to a never-ending list of things I will never have enough time to get done, I will probably just end up doing something cute but simple. But I sure had fun drooling over these – and SO many more – beautiful handmade creations on Flickr. How inspiring to find so much creativity just to make something relatively small and functional. Amazing!

Woolgathering (literally): Fair Isle

I’m working on a post about winter knits in general, but I’ve been having a serious affair with fair isle. I wants it all. I can’t get enough and have been thinking about tackling my very own fair isle cardigan soon enough, but more about that later. For now, I’ll just drool over these lovelies. Mmm.

Woolgathering: Fair Isle

1. Fair Isle Sweater Detail, 2. fair isle headband, 3. fair isle knitting, 4. More advanced Fair Isle, 5. Cashmere fair isle, 6. Fair isle love , 7. Fair Isle, 8. Two fair-isle baby hats in the snow!, 9. Fair Isle Mittens, 10. Fair Isle socks, 11. fair isle yoke baby cardi, 12. The knitting is coming along, fair-isle cardigan, 13. Fair Isle mitts, 14. My Fair Isle Design, 15. Fair Isle baby jacket, 16. fair isle hat

Woolgathering: Orchids

Woolgathering: Orchids

I repotted some supermarket orchids this week, hoping to keep them safe and healthy enough to flower again next year. I know nearly nothing about orchids, but they sure are purdy, no?

1. Maroon spotted yellow Orchids, 2. Orchids, 3. Wing-like white Orchid is tree-bound for now, 4. Orchid, 5. Orchid attack, 6. Orange Orchid in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 7. Franklin’s Lady’s-slipper Orchid, 8. Orchid, 9. Funky orchid (Bulbophyllum rothschildianum), 10. Orchids Of Finca Dracula, 11. Orchid Purple Rain 花痴展, 12. The Phantom Orchid (Cephalanthera austiniae), 13. Blue lady orchid, 14. Yellow Fringed Orchid, 15. White Egret Orchid, 16. Ghost Orchid closeup

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