Day Four: Knitter for all Seasons

I almost put this post off, because I’ve felt like I just needed a day off – not from blogging, just from all stuff – and I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, but it just isn’t in the spirit of Blog Week to not do it all week. It kind of nagged at me, and I kept thinking on the topic, until I realized that my answer to this one’s pretty simple.

The honest, simple, answer is that I’m not really a knitter for any particular season, or against any season. I pretty much just knit, all the time, whatever grabs me at the time. I know that we’re “supposed” to knit sweaters in the summer, and lightweight cardigans in winter, so that new garments are ready to wear when the weather changes. But how is that fun?! I realize that the reasoning is pretty nearly flawless, but I’ve never been able to muster up the will to be that practical. I mostly just knit whatever feels like a fun thing to knit right then, even if it means that I end up with a big bulky cowl in my lap in the middle of summer. Usually something about a pattern will grab me, the stitch pattern or a technique that looks fun, rather than any practical purpose.

That said, I do tend to gravitate towards lighter things during the summer, and I definitely do knit less during warmer months and sew more. Not that I sew summer clothing or anything, I just associate sewing with a warm weather activity for some reason. Could just be that the room I sew in is really chilly during the winter. Anyway, I am probably more likely to knit socks and lighter weight shawls during spring and summer; I expect this is fairly typical. For example, the top of my Ravelry queue looks like this right now:

Magrathea shawl, pattern and photo by Martina Behm
Cloud Illusions shawl, pattern by Boo Knits, photo by hebe mustard on Flickr

One sproingy and bright, for chilly summer evenings, the other dramatic in style but light enough to wear on even warm days!

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