Day Six: Knitting Skillz


Wow, blogging every day is hard! I usually keep a distance from the computer screen on the weekends, so I nearly forgot about Blog Week today! Now I’m in bed, ready to call it a day, so luckily this topic is an easy one for me.

I definitely wouldn’t say I have all the knitting skillz in the world or anything – hardly. My sweater making chops are pretty weak, with little experience behind them, and I can’t deal with toe-up socks at all. Short row heels, what’s that all about?! But I’m not afraid of any of them, I just haven’t done them yet.

I don’t really understand knitting fear, to be honest – it’s not like sewing where a cut in fabric is for keeps. It’s yarn, just pull it out and start again! What’s the worst that could happen? I actually dislike projects that don’t teach me something new, even something little, and I can tell this is true because the projects that linger are always the ones that are a little too simple. Better to try something new and have to try again than get bored with the old, right?

Except for steeking. That’s CUTTING your knitting, people! It’s madness. You can’t go back from that if you screw it up, you know. Brr, gives me the creeps. But … there’s some pretty amazing knitting that requires steeks to be conquered, so here we go: I swear I will try one, even if it’s just a little test piece, in 2012. That seems like a long time to do such a little thing, but you know how it is when you get distracted by other things. Just trying to be realistic. So in 2012, I will cut my knitting. With scissors. I swear.

Madness, I tell you!

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  1. Genevieve
    April 29, 2012 at 04:26 (6 years ago)

    Can’t wait to see what you try! Love your fearlessness!



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