FO: Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

Such a wonderful, comforting project, sadly finished. I mean, I’m happy to be able to hang it somewhere and move on to something new, but this was one of those rare projects that don’t come around that often.

Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

I loved everything about this little quilt, from picking out the fabrics on a lovely day out with a friend, for no reason other than their charm, to picking the traditional Snow Crystals block for them, through the paper piecing phase and the quilting. Every bit was a joy.

Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

I sewed this entire thing by hand — well, nearly anyway. I sewed the binding onto the front by machine – I’d probably have done it by hand for the sake of completism, but I just did it automatically. I notice now that my corners are over the place; I suppose I could block it and see if that helps? I’m not sure exactly what’s up with that whole quilt-blocking thing. And my only real complaint is that I used a red Pilot Frixion pen to mark the quilting lines and no matter how hard I ironed, it’s still a teensy bit visible. Not enough to get upset about, but I won’t use a red one again. I don’t think I have the same problem with black or blue.

Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

This project meant a lot to me, so it couldn’t be named for just any old song (I always name things for songs, that’s just how I roll). I chose Elvis Perkins’ “Send My Fond Regards to Lonelyville”, which is just so, so beautiful. Perkins is a very special artist, totally, massively underrated, and never ever fails to make my heart swell. He’s an amazing songwriter, has one of the most captivating voices I’ve ever heard, and he makes the kind of music that makes me feel like it’s hard to breathe. In a good way. So, so beautiful.

Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

Anyway, so there we have it: a tiny quilt that helped keep me comforted through a rough time, named for one of the prettiest things I know, ready to live on my wall and just be quietly lovely.

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3 Comments on FO: Snow Crystals Mini-Quilt

  1. Jessica
    July 10, 2013 at 15:22 (5 years ago)

    It’s so lovely, Julie! I really like hand-quilting patterns.

    Maybe try taking a hair dryer to it to get rid of the ghost red lines? I use red frixion on paper quite a bit and have had some good success with the hair dryer.

  2. Chrissie
    July 10, 2013 at 19:56 (5 years ago)

    What an absolutely lovely quilt. I can’t imagine how satisfying it is to have completed it, and to have enjoyed every step – I am intrigued by the hand quilting, I think it would be just wonderful. I love the idea of the methodical slowness of it all, moments of calm during the rather anxious time you’ve had of late…Chrissie x

  3. pam
    July 10, 2013 at 22:25 (5 years ago)

    Beautiful!!! Just look at how beautiful it is hanging on your wall!!! Congratulationson a brilliant job well done!


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