French Knot Tulip Field Sampler – Semi-FO

I’m stitching a sampler a month for one full year! Join in and stitch with me if you’d like, for all the samplers or just a few, and link back to me / leave a link in the comments so I can follow your progress too! And tell your friends!

French Knot Tulip Field Sampler - Semi-FO

OK, guys, I’m calling it. I know this isn’t really finished, but I am on the last section of french knots – and I have nearly run out of floss in that color (which is much more pink, less red, than it looks here). I won’t have a good chance to stop by a floss-having shop for at least a few days, maybe not until the weekend, so I’m calling this a Semi-FO for now. It won’t take much to fill in that section because the knots I’m making there are *huge* and progress is shockingly quick there. I promise I will do a real FO post when it’s properly finished and share my thoughts on the project, but now I want us to be able to move on to the next sampler so that I don’t keep getting further from my goal!

I’m still a little disappointed that I let the french knots take two months, and now it’s a week into October as well! But this weekend, I realized my problem: I hadn’t planned enough in advance, I thought I could just pick something all willy-nilly at the beginning of each month. But that doesn’t lend itself to promptness so much, especially if you need to gather materials – and even more especially if I want you guys to be able to stitch along!

French Knot Tulip Field Sampler - Semi-FO

So this morning, I did some embroidery research: I looked through some of my history of embroidery books and did some aimless online flipping and came up with a master list of techniques that intrigue me. Most of them are easily sampler-able, and I scheduled in the next six months so that we can be prepared.

For October, I’ve decided to try pattern darning, an embroidery technique I’ve been interested in for ages. I’ll properly introduce darning later this week, but this is a very impressive example of a darning sampler at Needleprint if you’d like to get an idea of whether you’d like to join me! Ours will be much more modest – the whole idea of these samplers is not to create a huge, impressive piece of art, but to dabble a stitchy finger in different techniques and stitches to see if you like them enough to learn more.

French Knot Tulip Field Sampler - Semi-FO

The darning sampler may go a wee bit into November, but I’ve picked another relatively simple (and related) techniques for us to try in these two months, in order to give me a chance to get back on a monthly schedule without skipping any more months. If you’d like to join me – and I’d be SO happy to have you! – I’ll introduce the technique on Friday and get us started.

In the meantime, get yourself some linen fabric (I’m going to use a scrap from linen I bought at Ikea; I imagine evenweave would also work pretty well) and regular embroidery floss in appropriate colors and we’ll get started later in a few days!

2 Comments on French Knot Tulip Field Sampler – Semi-FO

  1. Kim
    October 8, 2013 at 11:26 (5 years ago)

    I have to confess to using beads to fill in the gaps on my sampler however, I found it therapeutic working just the one stitch.Thanks for the template Julie and looking forward to the next sampler.

  2. Jessica
    October 8, 2013 at 14:47 (5 years ago)

    I have been such a slacker on my french knots. You’re ahead of me now! :) dir


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