Gifts #15 – 23

It’s the last week of 29 Gifts, the final stretch. I have really loved this challenge, I’ll be sad to see it finish. But it’s also been, well, more of a challenge than I expected! Before I started, I kind of thought it’d be good fun thinking up something to give someone Every. Single. Day. And I somehow also thought it’d be easy! But somewhere between Gift #15 and Gift #23, I hit an uninspired pocket and couldn’t come up with anything decent. There’s a few days in here that are a bit pathetic:

Gift #15: I sent a message to a fellow online-seller who’s been going through a tough time and had to close her shop for a while. We’ve never talked before, but I’m a big fan of this person’s product and thought she should know it. If I wasn’t doing this challenge, I’d probably have been too shy, but this was a good push to do it. So I let her know that her customers would be there to support her when she was ready to re-open and send my best wishes in the meantime.

Gift #16: This is where my lame pocket started. I wasn’t feeling very well for a few days, a minor cold or something, and I couldn’t muster up energy for anything. I put another postcard in the mail, this one to my BFF. It wasn’t just a saying-howdy postcard, but one I’d picked out specifically for her at the V&A Museum recently.

Gift #17: Only one of my knitter friends was available for Knit Night, so drinks were on me. I was happy to do it, but I wish I could’ve come up with something better to treat her to.

Gift #18: This is where I started to get my groove back a little. I treated my family to a pay-per-view movie, which I never, ever normally do. Pay for pay-per-view movies, that is, not treat – I always feel like I might as well just wait for DVD, so this was a splurge for everyone.

Gift #19: I made a wool sampler pack for one of my knitter friends who recently learned to spin. I remembered that when I first learned, I wanted to try different fibers and see what they felt like, what the differences were, but I didn’t want to spend money on pretty wool I didn’t know how to spin yet. I gathered up a small handful of various fibers and breeds for her to try.

Gift #20: Winston’s turn! I repaired up one of his squeaky toys, let him totally destroy it, then cleaned up the mess. This is not a photo of actual events, but an accurate portrayal nonetheless. Destroying stuff is probably Winston’s most favorite past-time.

Winston, destroying.

Gift #21: I made a wee donation to Project Gutenberg, which I think is awesome in every way. I also made sure to include a note thanking them for what they do.

Gift #22 (today): Today a family member starts a new job. Last night, I snuck around and cleaned up his home office to make it nice for the first day. I left a little note so he would see it this morning when he started the day!

Seven gifts to go.

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