Hand-Pieced Mini Swap Update

Hand-pieced Mini Swap WIP

I’m closing in on a finished mini-quilt top for the Hand-Pieced Mini Swap over on IG. The design for this one came to me quickly enough – a week of sketching and doodling that seemed endless at the time, but once I had the right plan, it started to come together very quickly.

But man, this project has been a pain in the bum ever since! I had two pairs of paper pieces for this one, in different sizes, but worried that the smaller sizes would take me forever to sew and I wouldn’t be able to finish in time – under the theory that you need many more smaller pieces to cover a space. So I went with the larger pieces, which (of course) I now think were too big — this mini is going to end up at about 23″ square, so within the size bounds in the swap rules, but not by much. My fingers are tightly crossed that my partner is dazzled by the pretty fabrics and doesn’t notice that I’ve sent her a tent!

I do really love how it’s coming out and I’m almost there – just a little to add to each side before I can quilt it and square it up. Photo of the full top soon enough!

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