Hand-sewing Quilting Bee

Hand-sewing Bee, Block 1

Last August, myself and two friends went to the Festival of Quilts together, thinking we’d see the pretty things and buy the pretty fabric and just generally have a nice day together. Of course we did all that, but I think we all left much more inspired and encouraged than we’d expected to be – full of ideas and plans.

One of the things we actually talked about on that day was forming a little quilting bee group together. I’d watched some of the groups online turn the traditional bee idea into a new modern form of working together on one project, and the idea suited us three very well.

It took some time to start up, with Christmas and deadlines and of course other projects always in the way, but after the holiday crafting was finally finished, we got it started! All three of us are especially fond of hand-sewing, so we’ve ended up being a little group dedicated to making quilts by hand. And our bee goes like this: we each get to make a mini-quilt to hang on our wall, with each of us contributing a third of the blocks to each and two months each to do it in.

The lovely Karen from Henry’s Shed was first, and she’s picked some charming florals and a sampler of English Paper Pieced stars for us each to make. There are 9 different blocks in total; I’ve finished one of my three so far. (And I added thread and little embroidery scissors in to the photo for scale, you have to understand how tiny and adorable these blocks are!)

Hand-sewing Bee, Block 1

We have a few more weeks to make Karen’s and then it will be my turn to make up kits for each of them to contribute to my mini-quilt! It’ll still be months before it’s finished, but I’m still so excited! I’ve decided on a freezer paper applique design, and I love so much that we are all three confident enough in our hand-stitching skills to feel free to try techniques new to all of us – and know that they will all come out beautifully.

I do have other slow crafts in progress, but the ones I’ve talked about this week are what I’m currently engaged with. Because they are so slow, progress is also slow to see and I don’t post about them often. I will try to do so more frequently from now on so you can see them (slowly) grow. Thanks for sharing your slow crafts with me this week too, I’ve so enjoyed hearing about them!

2 Comments on Hand-sewing Quilting Bee

  1. Karen
    March 1, 2013 at 19:40 (5 years ago)

    Oooh! So pretty! I can’t wait for it to be finished and on my wall!! xxxxx

  2. RMW
    March 1, 2013 at 22:57 (5 years ago)

    I can’t say I like pink too much, but the hand sewn idea seems wonderful. :-)


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