Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Today I’m going to share a little tutorial for a really big Churn Dash block – I like to call it the Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial. :) This is really for my peeps in the Bee Europa quilting bee – this is the block I’ve assigned them for my turn at the wheel – but I figured I might as well share it for anyone else thinking that Churn Dashes would be even better if they were, like, quite large.

This block is a totally traditional Churn Dash, nothing tricksy going on, but finishes at 18.5″ (18″ when assembled into a quilt). I will end up with 16 blocks in total, which will be arranged in a four-by-four grid to end up with a 72″ x 72″ finished quilt.

If you’d like to use this tutorial to make a full quilt, you will essentially need two contrasting FQs per block. You’ll have lots of scraps, but a FQ isn’t quite large enough to get multiple blocks out of. You may want to do some math with half-metre cuts, but I liked the idea of having no repeating fabrics combined with a fairly strict color scheme, so I stuck with FQs.

Notes: Everything in this tutorial is sewn with 1/4″ seam. I pay special attention below to how to handle directional prints, because almost all of the packages sent out to my bee pals have directional prints in them. Just skim over those bits if they don’t apply to your fabrics!

What You’ll Need

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Each block will have a background fabric and a, erm, Dash fabric. (Reminder to bee peeps: the background fabric is the larger piece in your package!) Cut the following pieces:

Background Fabric:

– two 7″ squares
– one 6.5″ square
– four 6.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles (NOTE: if your fabric is directional, cut two vertically and two horizontally!)

Dash Fabric:

– two 7″ squares
– four 6.5″ x 3.5″ rectangles (NOTE: if your fabric is directional, cut two vertically and two horizontally!)

You’ll also need a ruler, a fabric marking pen, and keep your rotary cutter (or fabric scissors) handy.

Making The Pieces

First, we’ll sew our rectangles together in pairs. Make pairs like this, keeping the direction of the print(s) in mind:

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

The background fabric on the outside, the dash fabric on the inside.

Sew these pairs together, press seams towards the dark side (ha!) and set aside.

Next, we’ll make half square triangles with the 7″ squares. Take one pair of 7″ squares – the lighter is easiest, unless one print is directional, then choose that one. On the wrong side of each square, mark a diagonal line from one corner to the other. On directional prints, mark them this way:

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

And you will end up with the fabric going the right direction on all resulting triangles!

Pair each marked square with an unmarked square (in the other fabric), place right sides together, and sew 1/4″ away from the line, on both sides of the line:

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

(If you have a 1/4″ foot, that’s handy for this step. I use the left side of my foot on this machine, which is exactly 1/4″ away from the needle. You can also mark lines 1/4″ away from the center line if that’s easier.)

You’ll end up with two pairs, both with a line drawn down the center and two sewn lines on either side of it. Cut down the drawn line with a rotary cutter or sharp fabric scissors, and you’ll end up with four new squares, each made of one light and one dark triangle. IT’S MAGICS!

Press seams towards the darker side.

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Now, you might notice that your new squares a little wonky. Don’t worry, that’s totally part of the magic. We made those squares a teensy bit bigger than they had to be, so that we can trim them nice and perfect before the next step.

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Line up the diagonal on your ruler, or your cutting mat, with the diagonal seam, and trim each of these blocks to 6.5″. You’ll only end up shaving a wee bit from each side, but you’ll end up with a nice, neat square.

Assembling The Block

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Now, lay out all of your pieces as seen above – again, minding the direction of the prints. Nobody likes an upside-down bunny, am I right?!

Piece the three top blocks together, then the three middle, then the three bottom. Press the middle row seams outward, and the others inward. Then sew the three rows together and press those seams towards the center.

Huge Honking Churn Dash Tutorial

Hurrah! A great big honking Churn Dash! Isn’t it lovely?! This is the perfect size to turn into a throw pillow or a mini-quilt, as is, or you can make 15 more and have a great big honking quilt.

OR, you can get your bee-mates to do it for you! :) Thanks, peeps! I’m so excited about this quilt, I can hardly contain myself!

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  1. Sarah
    July 3, 2015 at 10:01 (3 years ago)

    That is going to be one awesome quilt! I keep toying with the idea of a Churn dish quilt with different sized blocks so I’m going to book mark this tute for when I (eventually!) get around to it :) Thanks for putting it together!


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