Mid-week Break

Again, no links to share this week, I’m not sure why except that I’ve been oddly busy and not trawling around on the internet as much lately? Whatever the case, here’s some wonderful beautiful treasures from Flickr for you to investigate and, hey, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!!

Mid-Week Break - March 14, 2013

1. dots_cat, 2. Etoile géante, 3. Finis caput., 4. Briggs, 5. out to sea zigzag II, 6. Blueberries in lavendar and blue, 7. Purple Magic, 8. Monstros a solta!, 9. flickr.com/photos/15866934@N00/8550156479/, 10. green, 11. Skunk, 12. Black Coffee Mitts: in progress, 13. I love the center of each of the stars, 14. Vintage Sheet Giant Star Quilt, 15. Boy and Girl., 16. triangle sampler

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