Mid-Week Break

Mid-week Break - 31 July 2013

1. Modern scrappy bits swap, 2. three together, 3. Untitled, 4. The Mythology of Tears: tears couldn’t save him from flying too close to the sun, 5. zippy things, 6. nettle, 7. WIP: Tea Solves Everything, 8. Hand quilting detail, 9. Fiar, 10. yes / no, 11. IMG_2893, 12. Sasquatch progress, 13. 夜合枝头别有春,坐含风露入清晨,任他明月能想照,敛尽芳心不向人, 14. In the words of @hotpinkstitches “better late than crappy” #pts, 15. Bird on a Branch I by wild roses grow, 16. thrifting today didnt buy the fish implanted bar but wanted too lol

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