Mini-Quilting Bee, First (Semi-)FO

Hand-Sewing Mini-Quilting Bee, #1

It was a while ago now, but remember when I told you about my little hand-sewing quilting bee? I haven’t blogged about it since because we left a few months between each ‘assignment’ to give us lots of time to finish them. Also, I waited to show you these first finished bee blocks until my turn was almost up too – a little blog-continuity and whatnot.

Hand-Sewing Mini-Quilting Bee, #1

So these were my blocks for Karen, aren’t they the cutest?! So so so sweet. (There’s close-ups of each block on Flickr.) And I totally learned something about English Paper Piecing that I’d never realized – that you could just cut up a piece of paper into any shapes you like and, voila!, you have the templates for paper piecing right there. How did I never get this before? It seems so obvious now, I hate to even admit I didn’t get it – I just always thought of paper piecing in terms of those most-used shapes: hexagons, diamonds, etc. I was so excited by this and now I’ve even started a little just-for-fun mini-project of my own with the same process. (More on that soon.)

Hand-Sewing Mini-Quilting Bee, #1

Karen had us each make three tiny blocks, all paper pieced stars, and initial the corner of each of our blocks. So itty-bitty! Of course when we got to the pub and gave our finished blocks to Karen, we couldn’t help but lay them all out together and see what it will look like finished:

Hand-Sewing Mini-Quilting Bee, #1

Lookit how charming it’s going to be! Those blocks are all with Karen now to be turned into her mini-quilt. Of course I’ll share it when it’s finished – either with my own photo or pointing you to her blog when she posts it herself – but in the meantime, my hand-sewing friends have been working on blocks for me and I’ll show you more about that tomorrow!

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  1. Karen
    May 23, 2013 at 16:42 (5 years ago)

    Yay!! I haven’t blogged about my stars because I was having a bit of an issue with them – grrrr, naughty stars! But, fingers crossed, my sister and I have resolved the issue and I can get them stitched together and blogged about!
    Also, I’m very excited to say that I have managed to finish all your gorgeous blocks now! Phew!


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