Woolgathering: Quilt Tags

Woolgathering Mosaic: Quilt Tags

1. Plain Spoken Quilt – Tag, 2. Pink & Yellow Voile Quilt – Tag, 3. quilt swap tag, 4. eleanor’s quilt with tag, 5. apple quilt tag, 6. Tag on Darien’s Quilt, 7. Pink Martini Baby Quilt/ Playmat -tag 1, 8. “Love You Much” Quilt – Tag Detail, 9. zig zag quilt with my tag, 10. Pax’s Quilt Tag, 11. Stephanie’s Quilt Tag, 12. my tags, 13. tag, 14. spoonflower, 15. Messy Tag – I think it’s oh so cute!, 16. City Blocks name tag

Ch.2: In which I curse the weather and ponder quilting options

Dresden Plate top finished

Is anyone else wondering what happened to the summer? I think we scared it away. Now it’s all rain and cool temperatures and, most importantly, crappy light for photos. My already deep respect for other crafty bloggers has gone up by at least 36% just in the last few days, as I’ve tried multiple times to grab a few decent photos during the 10-minute not-as-dark intervals we’ve had. (We had a lovely day earlier this week, perfect for photos, on the one day I was busy all day. Of course.)

This is what I’ve learned about crafty blogging – it’s darn tricky to get good photos when the weather won’t behave. Sometimes weeks will go by with nothing but photo-worthy skies, and then sometimes the weather is just an unending pit of gloom. I’m learning how to adapt, but I’m sure there will be some less-than-awesome photos posted here along the way. I snapped these during a weird gorgeous pocket yesterday, smack in the middle of a day of downpours. That’s how we roll in Amsterdam.

Dresden Plate top finished

My Dresden Plate mini-quilt top and back are now finished! The only photos that came out even a little usable were the close-ups, so you’ll have to wait until I’ve finished to see the whole. These should give you the idea of how the border worked out – not nearly as tediously as I’d expected, given that every stitch was sewn by hand. I’m really loving this hand-sewing thing; I hope I still do some projects by hand after I’m reunited with my machines.

Dresden Plate back finished

The backing has just a simple pieced strip, same as the borders on the top. I’d love to say there was some really well-reasoned idea behind that, but it was actually because I’d accidentally left myself no piece of the cream fabric big enough to cover the back. But as Bob Ross used to say, there’s no mistakes, just happy accidents. I like the stripe, it’s pretty and I’ll like knowing there’s a little something going on on the back even though no one will see it.

I’m nearly ready to quilt, but I have no idea how. I had originally thought I’d use a thicker thread with some sort of light color so the quilting stitches would be a little more visible. But now I think that would just be too distracting, so I guess I’ll stick with a cream thread of some type. As for the design … I got nothin’, any ideas? Well, I do actually have one half-formed idea, but I’m not impressed with how that will look on the back and I can’t decide if that matters. I think I’ll just baste my quilt sandwich tonight and stare at it for a while, in the hopes that some amazing idea will present itself to me, all worked out and ready to go. It could happen. I already know exactly how I’ll do the binding, I’ve got some ideas for how to sign / tag it on the back, and I’ve got two potential names for it already picked out. So if the quilting fairies would please drop an idea into my head, I’d be very grateful.

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