Sampler #7-8 Update(s)

Crewel Shading Sampler Progress

Well, d’oh. I didn’t finish. I did finish the peachy heart, as you can see – I’m really pleased that its shading shows up in this photo, I was sure photos would never pick it up. It’s not dramatic, but I think the colors are lovely! Anyway, still the gray to go, so I’ll have to keep working on this one as I start Sampler #8: canvaswork.

I haven’t started stitching anything yet, but I have done a little research and made some decisions about my sampler – most importantly, that I won’t be making any decisions about this sampler. Part of the process each month is planning out a design that will suit the embroidery style. But that’s my least favorite part – I need a break! And I never really do any stitching that kind of just goes along as it goes, with no plan to worry about. How lovely it sounds to just sit back and stitch away, not thinking beyond the wool in my hand. Yum!

So that’s the plan for this one – no planning. I have a bit of a neutrals-and-lights color scheme in my head, but I’m just going to wing the specifics. I have gathered together just a few basic resources for us to get started with:

  • Because I’m going all improv with this sampler, I won’t do a whole week-by-week stitch-sharing thing. I hope that if you join in, you will just go with the flow with me! But to share stitch ideas and inspiration, I’ve made a Pinterest board just for Needlepoint. (If you check it out now and it’s very sparse, definitely go back later on – Pinterest seems to be having some technical difficulties today and I couldn’t bear to fight with it any more. I’ll keep adding to the board as I go!)
  • For further stitch inspiration, find DMC’s needlepoint / canvaswork stitch guide here
  • … and’s here.
  • This might not seem like much of a tip, but be sure to scan your stitch dictionaries for canvas stitches – they aren’t always separated into their own section.

I’m going to assume for the moment that if you’re reading this and interested in stitching along, you’ve probably done at least a little cross-stitch, which will give you plenty of background about starting and finishing threads and those sort of basics. But if you do have any questions, please shout – I love to help!

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