Shading Sampler update

Crewel Shading Sampler Progress

Oh, dear. It’s the 22nd already and this is all I’ve done?? Yikes. This is starting to look like one of those samplers I don’t finish in a month!

More importantly, this is all I’ve done and I’m really unhappy. Can you see what’s happened?

Although I chose consecutive numbers on the Appletons’ color card, these shades haven’t really worked out quite right. The bottom two shades (darkest and middle) do look right in the skein, but in stitch-reality, they are too close to each other and blend far too well. There is no real difference. And then the lightest shade did the opposite, taking a large jump, so it doesn’t blend so much as just overlap. Oy vey.

Crewel Shading Sampler Progress

(These aren’t great photos, I know, but the color difference showed better in lower light. And the truth is, the difference / non-difference is much worse in real life.)

Totally figures it’d be on the first heart I filled, making sure to crush my mojo for the rest of the sampler – but it does do a nice job illustrating the technique I’m attempting. You can see how my stitches are attempting to blend. If the shades were closer, you’d get a subtle effect so each single stitch wouldn’t stand out.

If this had been for a more formal project, I’d have stitch-tested my shades on a scrap before committing to them. As it is, I’ll probably have to treat this as a two-color heart and bring that lightest shade down to try for a more gradual / gentle blend. I’m not sure if that’ll actually work, but I do know that I cannot continue to work on this at night, which was part of my problem working on this first heart. This shading absolutely needs natural light!

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