Day Five: A Letter From My UFOs

Dear Julie,

We were thinking of you, and decided to send you a little note to say hey. You know, just in case you forgot to stop by and knit with us. I mean, we know you’d never do that, you’d never, ever leave us here unfinished to knit with something else … right? No, of course not! But just in case, we thought we’d send a little hello, catch up, remind you about what we’ve been up to – see if maybe you wanted to come pick us back up?

Umaro UFO

Umaro here is positive you didn’t forget her – she knows she is your very favorite knit-in-progress. In fact, she’s a little hurt by being called a UFO – she knows she’s just a WIP. If only you could set aside a little time for you to be together, that’d be great. She’d love to become a real lap blanket one day and curl up with you while you watch weird old TV shows from the 90s. Yeah, she loves them, too – Northern Exposure’s her favorite, but she can get down with some Twin Peaks if you want. If you promise to be there when it gets weird.

Ranger Cardigan UFO

Ranger is also pretty sure he’s a WIP, but it’s been quite a while, and it’s getting a little iffy. Plus, he’s totally offended that you resent his repetitive stitch pattern and the thought that it will take a lot of it to make a man-sized cardigan for your brother. It’s not like it’s his fault. Geez. Just remember that his sleeve increases are unnaturally clever and the yarn is a bouncy joy, he knows you’ll come back to him eventually.

Slant Sock, UFO

Slant is another story though, because he totally knows that you’re just a big baby about knitting into the back loop on every stitch. So what if he’s got about a millionty thousand back loops to knit into? What, you think you’re too good for knitting into the back loop?!?

Noro Sekku UFO

Speaking of being a big fat baby, we know you didn’t even try to stick with the Noro Sekku One Skein Stole – putting it aside for the winter because it’s cotton yarn and clearly a summer knit was just an excuse and we know it.

Cardigan Swatch, abandoned
Cardigan Swatch, set aside

And these swatches are never actually going to grow up to become cardigans unless you, you know, do something with them. Getting smooshed at the bottom of the work basket doesn’t count.

Sock Darning Pile

Don’t even get us started on the darning pile. How would you feel to be set aside for socks without holes? As if they’re better than us somehow. Snort.

High Seas UFO

But this pretty lady, High Seas, she’s all ready to forgive you – any time you’re ready. She knows she can be a little high-maintenance. She’s sorry, but she’s totally worth it, she promises. Just come back and you’ll see.

We still love you, really, we just miss you is all.

Your UFOs