Orange Peel Progress: 73 To Go!

Orange Peel Quilt-Along!

Hello there quilt-alongers! It took me a little longer than expected to get to a new progress update, but here I am – and I finally feel like I have made progress worth showing off!

OPQA - Progress Update!

Ok, I’m not finished, and I haven’t trimmed any blocks or sewn anything together. BUT! I have completed all cutting, basting, prepping and pinning! The left pile above is completed peels blocks, the right (smaller!) pile is all remaining blocks, ready and waiting for stitching.

OPQA - Progress Update!

And the numbers? 123 blocks completed, 73 to go! Woohoo! Progress had definitely slowed over the past few weeks, because I was busy with swap and Secret Santa packages. But those are now sent off (more on those soon!) and I have made a lot of progress since. I know 73 sounds like a lot still to stitch, but I got about 28 blocks done just in the last few days. I’m pretty excited about seeing the finish line on these and getting to the next step – not that I’m tired of them! I don’t understand how I can keep making these peels and never, ever get sick of them. They’re magical.

Anyway – I assume that anyone wanting to move forward with their projects, as gifts or to just get them done, is doing so (please show us in the link-up below!) and the rest of us are still stitchin’ away. For anyone who would like me to continue through the entire process, right down to the binding: how should we proceed? I’m sure a lot of us are stuck head-first into a pile of holiday crafting now, and I doubt we’re really going to have a lot of time to dedicate to this project until that’s done – am I right about that? I suggest we keep stitching – this will be a lovely project to snuggle up with over the holidays, dontcha think?, with the goal of all having a finished quilt top when we meet back here after the holidays.

Sound good?

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OPQA: Final Check-In

Orange Peel Quilt-Along!

Ok, guys, it’s the final check-in! (Sorry I’m a day late – I went away for a week and then forgot all about posting, d’oh!) I know some of you are finished with all of your blocks, some are still stitching away – me? I’ve done a lot in the past two weeks, but yikes, there’s still a lot to do!

Orange Peel Quilt-Along: Final Check-in!

I decided to get crazy and add an extra 50 blocks (yes, an extra FIFTY blocks) to make my quilt 70″ x 70″. Why? Well, it seemed like a good idea to go the extra miles (or FIFTY miles) and end up with a quilt big enough for my bed. So that takes my total to 196 blocks needed. Hmm. Seemed like a good idea when I started?!

Above, you’ll see:

– 84 finished blocks
– 11 pinned, ready-to-stitch blocks
– 51 basted peels

Wowzers, that means I have 112 still to stitch. I repeat: YIKES!

Orange Peel Quilt-Along: Final Check-in!

There must’ve been a miscount somewhere; I thought I was further. But – I have now cut all of my background squares (including the extra 50 I’ve added) and prepped all the remaining peels (including ironing on freezer paper) – shown above. Although there’s still a lot of blocks to get through, there’s something satisfying about having at least reached a point where what I see, I sew. It was making my head a little chaotic being at so many points in the process at once – cutting, basting, ironing, sewing. Even though there’s still 112 to do, I don’t even have to think about it anymore, I can just stitch stitch stitch.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to prep your blocks for assembly. In the meantime, tell us how you’re doing!

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Updated Orange Peel Quilt-Along Schedule

Orange Peel Quilt-Along!

Thank you all for your input on how we want to go forward with our quilt-along! Everyone who commented was fine with adding a couple of weeks to complete our applique work. Ok, some of us (ahem, me) know we might not have all of our peels done by the next tutorial step even with the extra time, but that’s ok, the information will be be there for us when we’re ready!

Here’s an updated schedule for finishing our quilt tops:

November 22: Final Progress Post + Link-Up
November 24: Layout + Prepping Blocks
November 28: Assembling The Top

So we’ll have a last check-in on the 22nd, during which we will hopefully all share a photo of a stack of finished blocks! (Don’t forget to share your progress, guys, that’s half the fun!) Where I originally planned on three tutorials to complete the top, now I think two is plenty. There’s not that much to it, really, just some pointers and tips to share, so I’m not exactly sure why I thought a third was necessary! I’ve got those two planned through the last week of November, so wall-quilt-alongers should be able to have their top finished by the end of the month, if they wanted to. (When I made my own wall quilt, prepping and sewing the top took me about two days.) Full-sized-quilt-alongers might have to put in a little more time to finish their tops, but that still gives you several weeks before the holidays to finish, if that’s an issue.

Just a note: as we talked about at the beginning of this quilt-along, for now I’m only planning tutorials to get you all a finished top. A lot of you will have plenty of quilting experience to just finish on your own with your own preferred basting / quilting / binding methods. Some of you may want to continue this as a group and have me show you all the steps to a finished quilt. If you want that, I’d be happy to do it, so let’s all weigh in again about the next steps once we have finished tops!

Orange Peel Quilt-Along: Check-in #3 (everyone’s input required!)

Orange Peel Quilt-Along!

OPQA: Check-In 3

Ok, everyone, it’s time for us all to speak up and share how it’s going! And this time it’s really important that you all give your input, because we’re at a bit of an important point here and we need to decide how to progress.

In my original schedule, this week marks the end of hand-stitching peels and the start of tutorials for putting it together. I’m a ways off this point, with only about 50 blocks completely finished (above) and a stack more prepped.

I’ve been watching all of the links added here and posts on Instagram, etc., and I really don’t think I’m the only one who isn’t ready yet. :) Which is totally ok! We promised this would be a casual stitch-along and if we want to hold off on the next steps, ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that. A hand-stitching quilt-along is never going to be a speedy affair!

BUT. I do know at least one of us is ready, and I don’t want to hold anyone up if we change the schedule to allow for more hand-stitching time. And I also know that in the coming weeks, a lot of us will start getting crazy busy with holiday crafting.

So, we have to make a group decision, y’alls, and I really really hope you’ll give your input right away. This coming Friday is scheduled for a post on prepping your peels for the next steps. We have a few options:

1.) I can always post the next tutorials and then they will be ready when you need them. But would we lose the group-activity element, if we’re all in different places in the process?

2.) Or I could delay just a couple of weeks to give us a just a bit more hand-stitching time, but then move forward?

3.) OR, we could say let’s all keep hand-stitching until after the holidays and then continue the process all together as a group – but then the people who are finished will be waiting, and anyone making their peels as a holiday gift will be in trouble.

I reckon the second option would be best, so maybe move the next tutorial to November 21st and then have the remaining tutorials follow closely after? But I absolutely want input from everyone, pretty please! I’ve definitely considered this a group project all along, so I want it to work for everyone, or as much as possible.

Show us your progress below and share your opinions in the comments, please!

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Orange Peel Quilt-Along: Check-in #2!

Orange Peel Quilt-Along!

Time for another check-in, quilt-alongers – how are your peels coming along?

OPQA - Check-in 2 (October 17)

I have to admit, I’ve slowed down since the last check-in – the peels have generally been my evening, quiet stitching project, but I’ve been so tired for the last week or two, I haven’t been doing too much. I think I want to set aside a full day sometime next week and just curl up with some movies (my go-to comfort activity at the moment) and just stitch away. Yum, that sounds lovely.

Anyway, I haven’t stopped completely – right now I’m at 31 blocks finished (above right), 16 blocks ready for stitching (above left), and a handful of peels basted and prepped for basting. Hmm, actually – if I compare with the last check-in, that’s not really that bad, but it’s still moving along pretty slowly considering I can usually do a handful each night.

But whatever, this is a no-stress quiltalong and I refuse to worry about it. This stitching is meant to be fun and relaxing, not a race, right?! I do love watching each peel/background combo come together and the stitching is so cozy. Do you guys think so? Let me know how you’re finding the process!

I have a few tips to share for this check-in:

– The other night, my lovely friend Karen from Henry’s Shed mentioned that she appliqu├ęs her peels with a ladder stitch, not a Julie’s-no-name-stitch like I do (ok, it probably has a name, I just have no idea what it is). I wanted to mention this to the whole group, just in case you find my way too fiddly or something, you might want to give Karen’s ladder stitch tip a try. Thanks, Karen!

– A few of you mentioned having trouble with the freezer paper not sticking fully at first – don’t be afraid to really give it time to stick. If you find your paper coming loose or not quite stuck all the way, just give it a little more pressing. It should be nice and firmly stuck on there – and if in doubt, you can always test a scrap of paper on a scrap of fabric to get a feel for how long it takes to really stick.

– And one last thing, I just this moment realized that I’d accidentally not categorized a few of the Quilt-Along posts properly, so they weren’t all showing up on the Orange Peel Quilt-Along page (the link in my left sidebar menu over there). If you were looking for something to do with the quiltalong and couldn’t find it, so sorry! It’s all there now, and I want to try and get a proper listing of all related posts up on the right sidebar soon, so that’ll help.

Ok, keep on stitching, folks, and show / tell us how it’s going! Even if you haven’t even started, tell us all about it! :)

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