Patchwork Town Sampler – FO

Huzzah, it is done! I can hardly believe it. I was seriously starting to see those blackwork patterns when I closed my eyes and in the lines of my tiles and books and furniture, like when you used to see Tetris blocks falling in your sleep after playing your new GameBoy for 37 hours straight.

There’s actually not too much to say about this project as an FO – there were a couple of late nights, one really, really late night, and getting it affixed to the canvas wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d anticipated. I should mention that I owe pretty much a metric crap-ton of thanks to Kim from String-or-Nothing for her amazing free-to-download collection of blackwork fill patterns. I happened to come across this *exactly* when I needed it, and it was invaluable. I was really sleep deprived towards the end there, so I am honestly not sure if I used any of Kim’s fill patterns exactly as they are printed, but I definitely used the whole book over and over for inspiration. Using a little bit of one stitch, adjusting it to suit the project, adding a touch from another pattern.

So it’s done and I’m extraordinarily proud of it – honestly, when I had this idea months ago, I thought it was a good one, but it ended up looking a million times better than I expected it to. I’m so glad it’s done, but so so so glad I did it.