When to say when …

I seem to be on about a two week rotation right now with knitting and embroidery. I binge on one so severely that, after about two weeks, I desperately need a break from it. Which of course makes me go crazy for the other and I end up starting a million new projects at once.

Which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last few days. The G on my Sajou sampler had me stumped so a break seemed sensible. I like to let these things roll around in my head a bit before I decide what to do. So I started the Umaro blanket (pattern by Brooklyn Tweed, see it on Ravelry) and have made some decent progress already.


And then the Terra shawl, also by Brooklyn Tweed. (He’s amazing.)


I blame this one on my awesome friend Holly, because she was knitting a Terra so beautiful and squishy, I just couldn’t resist.

Then I spied a delicious Big Herringbone Cowl on Instagram, knitted by the also awesome Jaclyn, and had to cast on for that too.


Oy vey, have I no self-control?!?! But in my defence, all of these new projects are using up stash yarn, which is always nice. On the other hand, there’s a good chance I’m going to run into yardage issues on all of them, which could mean trying to hunt down and buy more. Not really in the spirit of stashbusting.

In any case, I think it might officially be time to say when. These WIPs are in serious danger of getting out of control. And I’m not even counting the cardigan I’m meant to be knitting for my brother, or the socks that don’t ever seem to grow, or the new designs I’m going to start messing with this week. I’m pretty sure my project basket is at its maximum capacity.


And you know what? I’m already starting to feel itchy for the Sajou sampler again. Oh boy.

Prepping for Umaro

I’ve been all about the stitchy lately, so I thought it might be a good time to tell you about some knitting plans. I’m in the middle of some not-so-exciting projects and was trying to make some decent progress on those before I started anything new. But I’m a yarn addict and I’m weak. I’m sure you can sympathize.

Wanting something warm and cuddly to play with over this freezing weekend, I lost my last tiny bit of resolve and started prepping a new project: the Umaro blanket. Based on the Hemlock Ring I knitted for my mother, I want this one to be a pretty small lap blanket. For those evenings that are a bit cool, but a full blanket is just too much. Or for times when a full blanket draped all around just isn’t practical – sitting at my desk, surrounded by embroidery bits, etc. I have plenty of bed-sized blankets, this one can be a small one.

So I frogged a sweater I’d never worn, skeined it, and gave it a wash to get rid of the noodle kinks.


I’ve never done this before, so I was surprised that I had the whole process done in a weekend. I was also kind of amazed by the way the kinks just softened right out of the yarn almost immediately on hitting the warm water, it was kind freaky. I have a few skeins hanging over my radiator, so maybe I can get started really quickly.

Of course, now I’m worried that I don’t have enough yarn. Typical.