Mid-Week Break

Now that everything’s all prettied up, I’m ready to get back to my regular blogging adventures. Here’s some randomly awesome stuff – put your feet up and take a little break from the week. You know you need it. (Me too.)

  • This is the best damn news I’ve heard in a long time: 5 Exonerated in Central Park Jogger Case Agree to Settle Suit for $40 Million (from the New York Times). HELL YES. I guess it’s not exactly a done deal yet, but I will never forgive New York if the deal falls through somehow.
  • This is a great little article from Buzzfeed about Why You Should Read Like A Teen Again. It’s as if someone dictated that right from my mind! I am forever trying to re-capture that feeling, even – just as the author said – through the shame of enjoying (and hating, simultaneously – ugh, the loathing of Bella and everything she stands for!) the Twilight series. What’s the last book you read that gave you that reading-like-a-teen feeling?
  • I can’t wait to make Noodlehead Snappy Manicure Wallets for my mother and I! Added to the (endless) sewing list!
  • Oh, Edgar Wright, how I love you. Here’s a great video (via the A.V. Club) showcasing the genius of Edgar Wright’s Visual Comedy Chops.

Here’s some eye candy – enjoy your week, friends!

Mid Week Break - 25 June 2014

1. Untitled, 2. Tilda Quilt, 3. Farfalla the Flying Narwhal, 4. The Crown, 5. Striped Cup Hazel Atlas, 6. Spring Tree, 7. Singer featherweight, 8. Angled Frames Quilt Kona Cotton 8 kinds of Aqua, Teal, Turquoise, 9. Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap finish!, 10. Fox, 11. French Knot Color Wheel, 12. Today is Mother’s Day in France. Wishing all my friends and family here a bonne fête des mères ! #embroidery #broderie #crafting #crafts #nofilter #needlework #needlearts, 13. lily final, 14. cloud roads, 15. Rabbit Embroidery Pattern, 16. pansy

Mid-Week Break

Holy cow, it’s been a long time since I posted a mid-week break! Yikes. My ‘regular feature’ posts were put aside during the chaos that was Christmas and, well, all the surrounding months, so I’ll try to get back into the swing of things over the coming weeks!

Ok, speechifying over. Want to see the pretties? This week’s is a particular pretty mosaic, isn’t it?! Have a good week, friends!

Mid-Week Break Returns! March 13th Edition.

1. Vintage Love, 2. Yarn porn, 3. handdyed silky wool, 4. 3×6 Bee Solids Q1, 5. Embroidery Buttons, 6. New Pinnie, 7. My #mollymarkettote is complete!!!! Can’t wait to bring it to #sewsouth Pattern by @ilikeorangetoo will be released soon!, 8. Sampler block #30, Pat’s Star, 9. Gray & Yellow Crewel Dress, 10. Danish Sampler, 11. hojas nuevas, 12. This one is going to be for me. I love it!, 13. Linen patchwork pillow cover, 14. Pennsylvania quilt square in progress: close-up, 15. Teeny geese pincushion, 16. A pincushion in progress.

Mid-week Break

Every-ish week I share some awesome links from around the intertubes and some pretties from Flickr. Take a load off and enjoy a little break.

Mid-week Break - September 11 2013

1. marinero, 2. Kona Cotton Baby Quilt, 3. By Land or By Sea quilt pattern, 4. FMQC Monkey Business, 5. Pencil Pouch Size 2, 6. Warm Wishes (detail), 7. Untitled, 8. Quilting, 9. Sunset On My Monster, 10. Ferris Wheel, 11. 252 basted 1″ hexies and many more to go!, 12. Love starting a new knitting project, 13. Bambi., 14. Lea Stansal – Trefle 2, 15. Modern Orange Peel, 16. crewel embroidery pillow

mid-week break

Mid-Week Break - August 27 2013

1. Pixie – Yellow 700, 2. Grandmother’s Bunny, 3. Shades of Grey, 4. Wantage Lacemakers 2013, 5. Kantklos Tafeltje voor stropkant 004, 6. cj4, 7. #embroidery #needlework, 8. just a few, 9. 12. Pärnu pitsifestival, 3.-4. august 2013, 10. WIP: On the final straight…, 11. scrappy circles, 12. Water Music square knit shawl, 13. Crewel wool embroidered purse, 14. sept one quilt, 15. Sawtooth stars!, 16. Chicken Scratch, 17. little Forest quilt (with a few gnomes), 18. 1960’s – 1970’s Vintage Dresses, 19. Slumreteppet Malsen, 20. Swallowtail finished, 21. Patchwork Style zippered pouch, 22. Untitled, 23. Playing with scraps!, 24. HST blue and green, 25. work in progress

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