Mid-Week Break

Mid-Week Break - October 24 2013

1. library tote, 2. “Twinkle”, 3. Sit & Stay – Embroidery Hoop Appliqué Pillows, 4. Two loves, 5. Untitled, 6. Smoke and FIre Scarf: finished!, 7. pequeño gato, 8. MT Swap Preview, 9. string X, 10. String Block for Jodie, 11. Hex Signs, 12. First stitches after 15 years…, 13. Paper pieced fox block, 14. Trick or Treat, 15. Vintage Valentine Embroidery & Applique, 16. Hawaiian Quilt

Mid-week Break

Every-ish week I share some awesome links from around the intertubes and some pretties from Flickr. Take a load off and enjoy a little break.

Mid-week Break - September 11 2013

1. marinero, 2. Kona Cotton Baby Quilt, 3. By Land or By Sea quilt pattern, 4. FMQC Monkey Business, 5. Pencil Pouch Size 2, 6. Warm Wishes (detail), 7. Untitled, 8. Quilting, 9. Sunset On My Monster, 10. Ferris Wheel, 11. 252 basted 1″ hexies and many more to go!, 12. Love starting a new knitting project, 13. Bambi., 14. Lea Stansal – Trefle 2, 15. Modern Orange Peel, 16. crewel embroidery pillow

mid-week break

Just a quickie today, but there’s so much gorgeous stuff out there right now. All you crafters out there make me just want to make more, more, more!

Mid-week Break - April 17 2013

1. silhouette, 2. Freedom Quilt Detail, 3. Retro Rubies Front // Retro Rubies QAL, 4. Tapestry Wool, 5. Yarn Adventures Sock, 6. 5.73: Buttons, 7. Shale Baby Blanket, 8. rosa rosa tan maravillosa, 9. Antique French Floral Fabric, 10. Hellebore, 11. east wall, 12. love triangle quilt, 13. Periwinkle Star Quilt Finished, 14. Little Red Riding Hood Baby Quilt, 15. Untitled, 16. Vintage Chenille & Sheet Quilts, 17. From now onmy pasta must look this pretty, 18. Handwoven Linen, Silk and Cotton Table Runner, 19. Printing day., 20. The new star quilt, 21. The Pincushion Project is complete, 22. February Project Mini | Stargazer, 23. mine Round Robin., 24. 77:365, 25. Embroidered K

Woolgathering: Back stitch

Woolgathering: Back stitch

1. Deer, 2. Clouds, 3. sachet close up, 4. White seahorse close up, 5. In the oven., 6. Back stitches, 7. omg, bunny!, 8. stitchy, 9. Boo!, 10. lovebear 1: completed embroidery, 11. Embroidered Deer, 12. ::hello::, 13. Work in Progress_2, 14. hibernating bear on a hankie, 15. Red Brocade Bird, 16. Detail

Flickr is, without a doubt, my biggest source of inspiration – it’s like being able to browse the entire world’s art gallery for anything I want, anytime I like. At least once a week, I’ll get some sort of notion in my head and search for it on Flickr, having a look at what others have done with similar ideas. I wanted to include that sense of exploration and inspiration on this blog somehow. ‘Woolgathering’ posts will feature a recent Flickr search of mine and will usually occur on Fridays – hopefully sending both you and I off into the weekend daydreaming about new and exciting ideas.