Giveaway Day Winner!!!

Oh, man – it has to be said, my commenters are the best commenters *ever*! Your versions of what happened next to the Tortoise and the Hare have been cracking me up all week! I love the thought and creativity you put into your answers – way, way beyond what I ever thought you’d do, and an absolute pleasure to read!

Also, there were way more entries than I dared to dream of, which is enormously flattering to our new pattern designs. Thank you all, so so much. We can’t say how much it means to us.

But now I’m getting all sentimental. Ahem. Sorry ’bout that. You pretty much just want to know who won the goods, right? Well here goes …

(drumrolling … )

(drumrolling … )

(erm. drumrolling … )

Number 77, out of 77 entries! Who says first and last comments never win?! So Jo of The Hungry Crafter, C’MON DOWN! About the Tortoise and the Hare, Jo said:

I think the tortoise would take a nice long victory nap!!!!

And really, who wouldn’t? Winners always deserve a good nap. Jo, I’ve sent your patterns to you now (please let me if they haven’t arrived to you safely) – we hope you love them!

I’m sorry we can’t give away patterns to all of you, but I do want to point out some of the answers that really made me laugh the most.

The tortoise would live a long, long life and retell the story so many times that his offspring would roll their eyes every time he started in again.
(from Angela)

I think the rabbit eventually moves out of town because he can’t handle the constant reminders of his failure. Once he leaves, the outsiders tell him that there’s no way the tortoise could have won even if the rabbit was being lazy about the race. The rabbit realizes he’s been taken and sends one of his new rabbit friends back to the forest to challenge the tortoise again. This time, while the race is taking place, the rabbit watches the turtle in secret. Sure enough, rabbit catches the tortoise on film hailing a cab (driven by the snail) to get ahead. When the rabbit reveals the tortoise’s deception to the forest, this time the tortoise is forced to leave (and reliquish his winnings from both races). The rabbit becomes mayor and despite having been vindicated in the end, he still remembers his lesson and never slacks in his job.

So that’s how it ended.
(from April in Autumn of Without A Map)

They have a brawl about the contest but make up during a drunken karaoke singalong and become friends, till the next contest…
(from Natali)

Full of shame, the hare runs off never to be seen again. the hare’s son grows to maturity with this spot of shame on his family name and vows to get revenge. While training to follow in his father’s footsteps, he falls in love with a beautiful tortoise. But his world and everything he knows is turned upside down when he realizes that he is in love with the daughter of the tortoise who destroyed his family.
(from Nadine B of Nadine’s Nook)

You guys are too much! Really, I urge you to read all the suggestions, they’re all wonderful. Thanks again, all of you, for such an awesome giveaway experience, and I hope you liked what you saw here enough to stick around with me for more crafty adventures!

Aesop’s Fables Pattern Set + GIVEAWAY DAY!

Comments for the giveaway are now closed! Thank you so much for leaving such awesome and entertaining entries – I’ll announce the winner tomorrow (Sunday)!

I have to, one last time, apologize for all the self-promotion flying around here lately – this is the last thing I am taking to market for 2012, and it’s actually been coming for a loooong while. And, not that it’s an excuse, but I’m crazy excited about it! (Excited enough to give free stuff away, so make sure you stick around to the end of the post for details.)

Yes, in fact I do say that about every pattern set we release, but this time it’s super-duper true. More than just excited, I’m actually pretty sure these are our best embroidery patterns so far (or at least tied with the Pride & Prejudice patterns) for being a perfect combination of charming design, lovely colors, and fun stitching. I enjoyed making these SO much, I’m actually a little sad they’re finished. I hope that means you’ll like stitching them too!

So, meet our Aesop’s Fables patterns: seven in total, illustrating the most famous of those wise tales. There’s the Lion and the Mouse:

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

The Boy Who Cried Wolf:

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg:

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse:

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

The Fox and the Grapes (I think he might be my favorite!):

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

And The Tortoise and the Hare:

Aesop's Fables - new pattern set

I kind of want to show you all the fun detail, but there are more photos in my Aesop’s Fables pattern Flickr Set if you’d like to look around. These patterns all come with color and stitch guides, and a couple of them include an extra page for special stitch / technique instructions. The Aesop patterns are pretty small, we thought it’d be nice to throw some faster projects in the mix – there’s definitely still time to add these to your Christmas-crafting list. How cute would they look on pillowcases for children (ahem, we actually designed the Tortoise and the Hare pattern to be easily divided into two sub-patterns, just because I thought they’d be adorable on two separate / matching pillowcases!), with some patchwork maybe, or even on a tote bag or zippy pouch or just on the wall! Just sayin’. We worked hard to illustrate these tales in a way that makes them funny-cute for adults, but still cute enough for children. You can find all the patterns in the related Aesop’s Fables section of our shop, and we’ve worked out two discounted bundles should you be tempted by more than one.

But enough with the marketing already, where’s the goods?! This was a huge coincidence, but since it happened to be Giveaway Day yesterday (yeah, I’m running one day behind), we’re going to jump in quick and offer a chance to win THE ENTIRE AESOP PATTERN SET. That’s right, baby! All seven (7!) patterns, delivered right to your inbox! So basically this bundle from the shop:

No hoop-jumping to enter, just leave a comment telling me what you think would happen next in the saga of the Tortoise and the Hare! Does the Hare demand a rematch? Does the Tortoise take his race winnings to Vegas? Enquiring minds need to know!

To account for the time difference, I’ll close the comments on this giveaway over coffee on Saturday morning, December 8th, UK-time, and I’ll announce the winner (picked by Random Generator Man!) by the end of the weekend! Good luck!

Giveaway!!! &Stitches, Scandinavian Issue!

Comments are now closed and our winner will be announced shortly!

I don’t know how this happened, but I have somehow not yet mentioned that I am now a regular blogger over at the fantabulous embroidery blog, &Stitches!! Wha’?! Y’alls might remember that I did a guest tutorial series for them over the summer, and now I’m blogging there about once a week. It’s seriously super-awesome!

If you’ve never been there, &Stitches is pretty fantastic. Co-creators Carina (of Polka & Bloom) and Nicole (of Follow The White Bunny) offer such wonderful tutorials, patterns, stitch and style explorations, and so much more – their approach to embroidery meshes really well with my own. I really enjoy the research into different techniques and cultural traditions, the best uses for stitches and what they can do, etc. The geeky, technical stuff. So I feel really lucky to be able to join them on their blog and write about some of that stuff over there. Please, go check it out – if you like stitching, you won’t be sorry!

Today marks the release of issue 4 of the &Stitches digital magazine: Scandinavia &Stitches. It’s a pretty fantastic issue, you can trust me on that. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It’s got gorgeous patterns by both Nicole and Carina, as well as a lovely cross-stitch pattern by Emily Wilmarth of Floss Box, a gorgeous felt project by Anne Mende (preview above), book reviews, color inspiration, and … oh, yeah, wait … *I* have something in it too! I contributed a small article to the Scandinavian issue – I do hope you’ll go check it out! Really, there’s even more than that, and it’s so wonderful. I’m so proud that I got to be even a little involved!

You can head over right now and buy yourself a copy of Issue 4 (which you should totally do), but you can also stick around here and take your chances on winning a copy! Those lovely &Stitches gals have offered my readers a giveaway copy, so leave a comment here – just say hi, or tell me about a project you’re working on, or a joke, whatever you like really – and I’ll pick one winner by random number generation at noon, UK time, next Wednesday (the 24th of October). Go, go, go!

Literary Lovers Embroidery Pattern Set & Giveaway Winners!

Finally, the day has come! I’m so excited to show you guys the second set of embroidery patterns by Little Dorrit & Co. – and give away some free patterns!

I’m sure you won’t be too surprised to hear that nearly all the guesses were correct. We hoped you’d be able to tell who they were – we want these patterns to be able to speak for themselves with as little explanation as possible. So let me introduce you to …

Couple #1: Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet

Encircled by a lush and vibrant rose, Juliet is dressed in her medieval finery and Romeo in a tunic (stitched to resemble brocade, not armour as one commenter suggested!) and they are locked in a loving embrace.

Couple #2: Antony & Cleopatra

Antony & Cleopatra

Antony & Cleopatra

Decked in her ancient bling, Cleopatra reaches out to her Mark Antony, joining Egypt and Rome in love affair so epic that Shakespeare committed it to verse.

And, lastly (my favorite!) – Couple #3: Lizzie & Mr. Darcy

Lizzie & Darcy
Lizzie & Darcy

Stubborn but loving, these two look they’re right on the verge of admitting their feelings to each other and living happily ever after!

So check ’em out in the Little Dorrit & Co. shop or on Flickr if you’d like to know more – we really, really hope you like them!

But wait – we still have winners to announce! THREE WINNERS, remember? Exciting! Ok, here goes:

That’s Rachel, Bladerunner5 (!), and Jamie B! I’ll be emailing the winners shortly to get them all their free patterns, and thanks to everyone for playing along with us!

Sneak Peek + Embroidery Pattern Giveaway!

It’s an exciting day here at Little Dorrit & Co. HQ! In fact, it’s the start of about a week of awesomeness, for us anyway. I’m all a-flutter! Seriously. A-flutter.

Anyway, today we’re announcing a new set of three patterns. We’d hoped to have them up for sale by the end of this week, but we’re running a little late. Since we didn’t make our own deadline, we’ll settle for a sneak peek and a giveaway! Giveaways rock so hard!!!

So if you want some free stuff, here’s the deal: Below are wee glimpses of our new pattern set, based on famous literary couples (one is both literary and historical, just to be fair). Guess who they are – guess just one or all three, whatever you like – in the comments and we’ll randomly pick THREE WINNERS on Monday April 23. If we want to be specific, I’ll close the comments at noon, UK time. On that day, we’ll show you the full patterns, get them up for sale, and offer the THREE WINNERS one free pattern of their choice from the Little Dorrit & Co. etsy shop (which may include one of these new ones, if you like).

THREE WINNERS! I just like saying that.

Here we go!

Couple #1:

Sneak Peaks!


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