Ok, you guys, ready? Here we go …

bdrdrdrdrddrdrrrrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr …

(Um. That’s a drumroll. Shuddup, I even Googled how to spell a drumroll!)

Winner #1, receiver of the Flurries and the Coupled Cowls knitting patterns, is:

#50, SavvyGirlDeborah, from the Savvy Girls Podcast! Whoop whoop! The Savvy Girls have some patterns of their own available (one of which just snuck into my Ravelry favorites!), so be sure to go visit them as well.

And Winner #2, also to be given both knitting patterns:

#7, Lorelei!!! Lorelei doesn’t appear to have a blog, but she does have one of my favorite names in the world!

I’ll be contacting the winners asap and will send them their patterns by whatever method they chose – immediately if digitally, first thing in the morning if by post. And, if you’d permit me a little moment to be sentimental: I was overwhelmed by the response to my little giveaway. Seriously, I never, ever expected 50 (FIFTY!) people to be interested in my patterns with nothing else to give along with them. It may have sounded like false modesty, but I really was concerned that there wouldn’t be two entrants to give prizes to. You’ve all made me feel like, even if I’m just getting started, I’m not wasting my time – so thank you all so, so, so much. I hope some of you stick around to get into other knitting and stitching adventures with me, just like I’ve found some new reads during this Giveaway Day week. And, by the way, I loved hearing about all of your gift crafts – I’m sure your friends and family will be overjoyed to receive your handmade presents this year.

Coupled Cowls & SMS GIVEAWAY DAY!

Holy crap, people, it’s GIVEAWAY DAY! Ohmygosh, I love Giveaway Day – it’s so exciting: visiting new blogs, making new friends, free stuff! What’s not to like?! I know I’m mostly a knitter and embroiderer, but I do enjoy a good sewing project here and there, even if I’m not terribly good at it, and Sew, Mama, Sew is just about the best blog around for tips and tutorials and just general fabric-y know-how. I’ve learned a ton just from keeping an eye on their blog and reading along.

So thanks to SMS for organizing this amazing thing time after time – I’ve never won anything, but it’s always so fun to all explore the crafty side of the internet together for a week, and I’m going to swallow my shyness and join in as a giver for the first time. Actually, my first giveaway ever. Eep! Honestly, I almost chickened out, wishing I had something a little more exciting to offer you all – but I’m forcing myself to be brave and take a baby step as a new designer and offer you the only thing I really have: my own knitting patterns!

Coupled Cowls

This is Coupled Cowls, a pair of cowls with cables that sort of match, but aren’t matching. I made these for a pair of family friends, very very beloved friends, as part of their Christmas gift this year. Because they came out rather well – squishy and luxurious, fast knitting (they’ll knit up in a day) and a relatively small amount of yarn – I decided to write up the pattern for anyone else who might be in need of a last-minute holiday gift. Here’s the quick stats:

Yarn: Rowan Cocoon 100g/126yd per skein x 2 (per cowl) or approximately 140yd / 128m bulky yarn (per cowl)

Needles: 6.0mm circular needles, 16”/40cm length, or sizes needed to obtain gauge

Gauge: 18 sts/4”, 20 rows/4” (more detailed gauge information given in pattern)

Finished Sizes:
White Cowl: 9” tall and 21” circumference
Gray Cowl: 8.5” tall and 19” circumference

Coupled Cowl: White

Coupled Cowl: Gray

So, what about the giveaway, you say?! I will happily and excitedly give TWO readers a full set of my output so far — the Coupled Cowls pattern AND my Flurries cowl and mitts pattern. Ok, that’s only two patterns, but it’s still three cowls and a pair of fingerless mittens! And I’ll send them to the two winners in any format they like. I can email the PDFs straight to you, send them via Ravelry if you’d like to have them in your library there, or even send printed copies by post anywhere in the world – whatever’s most convenient for you!

Two patterns each to two readers!

Here’s what you do: since this post announces the release of the Coupled Cowls pattern and since I made those as a gift originally, leave me a comment and tell me about something you’re making (or already made) as a gift for Christmas or whatever winter-based holiday you might celebrate. If you’re a sane person and aren’t crafting for the holidays this year, tell me about something you made in the past or a handmade gift someone made for you. In exchange, I’ll take this week to tell you about the gifts I’m making this year, and I’ll pick two commenters at random in some fashion (fingers crossed there are actually two of you!) on Friday. Please make sure there is an email address left with your comment so that I can reach you if you win and keep visiting the Sew, Mama, Sew blog to enter more giveaways. Thanks for stopping by!


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