Anyone Up For An Orange Peel Quilt-Along?

Hey dudes! Remember this:

Orange Peel Mini-Quilt

My Orange Peel Mini-Quilt, co-made by my stitchy friends in our little miniature quilting bee. I did share the finished applique, but I forgot to keep you posted after that. Whoopsy!

Here’s my the state of my mini now (hand-quilting in progress):

Orange Peel Mini In Progress

I love it so much. And I loved making it so much. I was almost disappointed that the ‘peels’ were so easy and quick to make. I enjoyed the process so much that I wanted it to go on for ages, but it only took an evening or two to stitch my portion. I just wasn’t ready to be done with them!

So, I’m going to be making a new, larger Orange Peel Quilt (larger quilt, that is, same peels, ’cause they’re such a nice size) and I’m definitely going to put together a tutorial for it, coming very, very soon.

Orange Peel Mini In Progress

But I’d really love it to be a sew-along! I don’t know at all if there would be any interest, but I’d love it to be a longer-term, step-by-step sort of thing, where were can all play together and share our progress, etc. I’ve been wanting to be more involved with you all, not just hiding here behind my screen playing show-and-tell, and would love a project we could all do together!

Orange Peel Mini In Progress

Just so you’re informed: the way I do orange peels is all hand-stitched applique, and it is absolutely fool-proof! A great introduction without having to feel intimidated. I was thinking I’d make a fairly decent-sized lap quilt, but also offer dimensions and approximate fabric requirements for a mini in the size shown here. This is a great project for scraps and perfect for doing a few every night while you catch a quiet moment in front of the tv!

I won’t get my hopes up yet, but if you were interested, how would you like it to run? Step by step over many weeks? Making use of a link-up widget? Would you want it to start right away or give you some time to finish up other projects first?

All input is appreciated!