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Big Week Off: Sewing

Continuing my what-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation-esque tour through my week off last week (there’s a mouthful for ya), here’s a few things I sewed.

Because of my ouchy hand / arm, I did a lot of sewing over the week. Sewing is also the thing I often run out of time for, so it was nice to play with fabric for a bit. I’m not really a good sewer (sewist?), and I don’t say that to hint for a disagreement from readers. I don’t mean that I sew badly, more that my sewing skills are seriously limited – and to be totally honest, I’m not especially driven to expand them. I mean, I always like learning new crafty things of any kind, but I’m happy to learn new sewing skills in bits and pieces as I need them.

So anyway, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (gotthebutton on both) you probably saw some of these in progress. I made a pouch (fabric rescued from a handbag I made and didn’t love) and two box pouch project bags:


I don’t really know what I’ll use the pouch for, I just wanted to save that fabric and this was the best use I could think of for it. The pieces I’d saved were almost exactly the right size. The project bags (yes, that top one needs an ironing touch-up, I just noticed – it honestly doesn’t look that blumpy in real life!) are just adorable and I had to have some. And once you start, it’s hard to stop putting together cute fabric / zipper / lining / pull tab combos. I actually have one more pile that may be made into a box pouch yet! I used a tutorial from It’s A Pretty Modern Life, which was recommended to me by Jaclyn from Urban Crunch (she made some crazy cute box pouches!).

I also pulled out my precious Tula Pink Plume charm pack and some leftover Ikea canvas to make this door stop, using Oh, Fransson’s tutorial:


This was a much more practical project, solving an actual need in the room I work in. I like to keep the door ajar, but it tends to swing back open. I was using a partially full bottle of water to prop it, um, closed; this will be significantly more attractive.

And I couldn’t do any hand sewing, but I played around with the beginnings of this little project:


Oh, how I love paper piecing and hand sewing! I made a whole bunch of these hexagons a while back with a quilt in mind, but then decided I’d rather do something different with them. Typical. So they’ve sat for ages while I think on how to approach the change of plan – until last week when I realized I could borrow a few of them to make … yup, another little pouch.

This one has a specific purpose though – a little embroidery kit. It may seem odd that I don’t already have one, but so it is. I guess I usually keep my tools with whatever project I’m working on at the moment, but now I’m at a point where it’d be helpful to have them in one place. But, see, I’m a giant dork and I like when things match. If I have a variety of project bags, one will match whatever project I want to put in it. But this type of pouch will have to (yes, have to) match all of my stitching projects. So I’m using all natural linens and grays , which just wee touches of muted color. I know, I know. But I don’t even like my pyjamas to clash, so no way I could let it happen to my embroidery!

More on that mini-project as it happens, and Big Week Off stitching progress tomorrow!