For years, I’ve been collecting Liberty fabric pieces – at Liberty’s seasonal sales, at Shaukat on special visits, on little eBay splurges, and especially at the Festival of Quilts. The truth is, I rarely use them, except for the occasional project using teensy pieces of my precious stash.

But I keep buying them. I’m sure some of it is just for the sake of it – I mean, they’re lovely just to look at, neverminding what the planned use is. In a sense, the stash kind of exists just to be a stash. Liberty fabric is special that way. BUT, in the back of my mind, I’ve always assumed it was really destined for a long-term, all-Liberty EPP project. I’ve mentally auditioned a few ideas in my head – clamshells, the current Sew & Quilt Lucy Boston EPP BOM, drunkard’s paths – but none really took hold.

When Heidi of My Paper Crane posted her Diamond Hex project on Instagram, I knew immediately it was The One. Modern and bold and fun to piece – and so perfect for a stash made of a zillion wee pieces of a zillion different prints, I could hardly believe it.


I finished a couple of things off and made some good progress on others and after a couple of weeks of daydreaming, I finally allowed myself to begin. This project is supposed to be restricted to the weekends until I finish up something I have going in the background, but it will be hard to resist. And it’s possible I already added to the Liberty stash in excitement, despite the fact that I have enough of a stash to keep me stitching for many, many months already. Oops, don’t tell. :)

I am perfectly content that this is the ultimate slow craft – I’ve craved this kind of project for a long time now, one that I can add to from time to time and enjoy the stitching of for many, many years to come.

Liberty Skeletor is Scary. And Pretty.

Liberty Skeletor FO

Oh man, you guys are awesome! Thank you all for letting me know you’re still out there, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Emoji kissy faces to you!

One of you lovely readers recently left me a comment asking, hey, how did Liberty Skeletor turn out??? Why, thank you so much for asking, dear reader!

Liberty Skeletor FO

As you can see, Skeletor has certainly never been this pretty. Ah, such lovely floral evil. He-Man doesn’t stand a chance now, does he??

I think he came out pretty well, actually! I have NO CLUE what I’ll do with him, but as an experiment, I’d say Liberty Skeletor was a success!

(Cross-posted this project on &Stitches today – go over there to check out loads of stitchy goodness, and see the rest of the villains from our stitch-along here.)

&Stitches Villains Stitchalong


There’s totally still time to join the &Stitches Villains Stitchalong! Just grab some fabric and stitch your favorite creepy, evil, spooky bad guy – there’s even prizes to be won!


I’m stitching up He-Man’s Skeletor, ’cause … well. Duh. He’s awesome. I’m not sure how this will work out exactly, I need to try out the next step before I make any promises, but I’m attempting to use Liberty fabrics to make up his amazing Skeletor-y colors. This will either be a spectacular triumph or a miserable failure – I’ll keep you posted.

Join in the stitch-along over here!

P.S. I’ve also recently posted on &Stitches about using your iPad as a lightbox – check it out!

Tools & Toys Tuesday: Festival of Quilts Goodies!

Festival of Quilts Day One Goodies

Festival of Quilts Day Two Goodies

The Festival of Quilts came and went again this weekend – both the best of times and worst of times. It’s better than Christmas (like, by a lot) but then it’s over and I’m sad again. If only it could the Festival of Quilts every day!

But of course part of the fun is that it’s a massive whirlwind of pretty fabric and beautiful patchwork and chatting with strangers and giggling over cheeky purchases and scrutinizing thread types and puzzling over the awe-inspiring quilts on display. I’ll share a bit of what we saw later this week, but first I have to show off my goodies!

You’ll see that I may have bought quite a bit of fabric. There’s a voice in the back of my head that says I should feel guilty about this, but I just really don’t. I had an amount saved for spending and I went forth and spent the hell out of it. I really needed a responsibily-free fun-fest and it absolutely was. I still feel a bit high just thinking about it!

You’ll see some Liberty pieces there, a bunch of Lizzy House that I’m so pleased to have managed to get my grubby hands on before it’s too late, and a bunch of Cotton + Steel. A few of those will go into planned projects, but they are mostly just stash additions. ‘Cause they’re pretty. And I wanted them, dammit.

There’s a couple Christmas prints there, which will go into a second Christmas quilt to use up the scraps from the first. I scored three meters of a Catnap print (the pink triangles) which, along with the navys and pinks in this hoard, will go straight into a project I’m nearly about to start – which will be a series of tutorials (or hopefully a sew-along, if people are willing to join me!) coming very, very soon.

As for tools, I picked up a few spools of Aurifil thread that I want to try out and some quilter’s rubber thimbles, which were recommended in one of my Fat Quarterly Retreat classes. But my unexpected prize of the weekend? That funny little wooden roller, which has had people asking about it in my last few IG photos – that’s a seam roller, which I spied on someone’s desk at the FQR and looked so damn handy, I thought to myself, ‘Self, you needs one of those!’. And yet, I nearly passed it up, ’cause I’m stupid, but luckily went back for it. If you do any sort of foundation piecing or hand-piecing with seams that need pressing often, this tool is for you – it flattens the hell out of seams but doesn’t stretch them at all. Genius!

Did you go to the FoQ? What’s your favorite new toy??

Liberty pillowcases (One down)

Liberty Pillowcases - Gray

First bedroom project done! These mismatched-matching pillowcases will go wait with my new sheets (and new pajamas for the first night it’s all done – yes, I am totally dorky) for my bedroom to finally all come together. I did the blanket stitch as prep for a crocheted edging, but I ended up liking it on its own. My gut said to stop there and leave them simple, so who am I to argue?!

Liberty Pillowcases - Gray

I’ve also cut squares for my little Denyse Schmidt Scottie Dog but haven’t laid them out or starting sewing yet, and finally – after literally weeks of browsing Flickr and Pinterest for inspiration – decided on how I want to do the throw pillow covers. I’m not as far as I wanted to be on my bedroom-to-make list by this end of the week, but that’s ok, I’m trying to make sure I don’t get rushy about it — it’s supposed to be fun, after all!

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