Eels lyrics, now with tiny flowers.

Eels Lyrics WIP

I love this project so much! I just want to work on it all day. But then it would be finished, which would be sad. Like when you love a book and can’t put it down, but don’t want it to end. Not the worst problem to have, though.

Anyway, I’ve finished the text and I’m really happy with how it came out. I used one strand of Soie d’Alger silk thread, and did it all in back stitch.

Eels Lyrics WIP

Now I’m adding in some lovely teeeeny tiny flowers (sorry about the poor photo, it was late last night when I started tracing them into place), from a vintage pattern and found in the Flickr Hoop Love Vintage Transfers group. If you’ve never been there, go check it out – you’ll have a stack of new projects to start before you finally force yourself to leave!

Crafting it Slow.

The other week, Nicole from Follow The White Bunny wrote a post about “Slow Crafting” and it was funny timing because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately too. Ever since I announced at the beginning of the year that I was determined to steal back a little more time for my own personal, non-business projects, I’ve been enjoying the kind of craft that really lets you take your time and sink your teeth in. So I want to take this week to share my slow projects with you guys and talk a little about why slow crafts are so awesome.

To start, I want to show you something that I just started this weekend. This is not just a slow project, it’s one that may continue throughout my whole life if it goes as I have in mind.

I’ve mentioned before that music is very important to me, and I even used to think I would write about music professionally one day. That seems a little silly now – if I’m honest about it, I was never really so good at it anyway, and I kind of feel that if it didn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be. But music still is one of the biggest loves of my life, and I’m always looking for a way to connect it to my needlecrafting loves.

Eels Lyrics

A while ago back, I had a notion to stitch up some lyrics. That’s not a hugely original idea on its own, I’ve been inspired by lots of stitched lyrics I’ve seen online. I’ve even done a couple myself, but those didn’t seem like enough. It’s such an obvious way for me to pay tribute to something I love so much.

But I couldn’t choose just one line from one song! I couldn’t even narrow it down to a genre. So I thought on it some and ended up thinking that all the lyrics I love deserve to be stitched equally. Funny hip-hop rhymes, sad country lines, inspiring folk poetry. I love them all the same.

I decided to stitch them all, of course! Not all at once, that would be madness. But each as its own little mini-project, to gradually become part of a larger whole. My vision at the moment is that eventually I will have a whole wall or corner in my house dedicated to these embroideries, each one a line that inspires me in some way big or small. They won’t all match, they’ll all be on fabric and in styles that suit them, but they will belong together.

Eels Lyrics

This weekend, I finally started the first one. This is a line from “Hey Man! (Now You’re Really Living)”, by Eels (one of my very favorite bands, who I am ridiculously excited to be seeing live for the first time in April, EEP!). This is such a special song because it joyously celebrates ALL of what makes up a full life, all the wonderful bits and sad bits and all the bits in between. It’s so beautiful. Eels get me every time.

I’m working on a linen handkerchief that I think my parents bought for me at Versailles, or maybe just France generally, about a hundred years ago. I found it packed away when I redecorated my bedroom and it asked to be stitched on. I’m using silk thread and will probably add some sort of floral embellishment on it after the text is finished. And that will be just one part of a much larger project. So, while I finish, tell me about your slow projects!

(Thanks for bringing this topic up, Nicole!)