Mid-Week Break

Before I leave you with some Flickr pretties, I just want say how sad I was to hear about Adam Yauch’s death a couple of weeks ago – I can’t say why, but this touched me like no ‘celebrity’ death ever has. So many of us have a special place in our hearts for the Beastie Boys – for a band that, on the surface, seemed like a bunch of silly, overgrown children, they had an amazing ability to connect with their listeners in a way no one else has. Like regular old nice guys you might have known from high school – funny, but loyal friends. And I think that’s it really — so many of us grew up with the Beasties (I literally don’t remember a time without them) and, in a way, they grew up with us. This beautifully written tribute by Hua Hsu, published on Grantland, says exactly how I felt in a much more eloquent way than I ever could, and had me in tears by the end. Lovely.

Mid-Week Break - May 17th

1. Bouquet fabric – my design, 2. sleepy owl, 3. day 181 a, 4. Block 2 – ruching, 5. serial #1521 no 11b, 6. Fawn & Flower Wall Wear, 7. Crazy Dresden, 8. tangerine orange and white zig zag quilt, 9. No.4, completed

Mid-Week Break

Because yesterday was my birthday, I took the day-ish off and kept well away from the internets over the weekend as well, so I don’t have much to share this week, link-wise. I do have a whole bunch of posts saved to read properly before I pass them on – so I’ll keep it to some Flickr eye candy today, and will have a bigger Mid-Week Break for you next week. Enjoy the pretty!

Mid-Week Break - May 10

1. a new pattern, 2. Sunshine!, 3. Crimson, Pink, Blood Orange and Saffron – Red inspired mini quilts, 4. May Flowers – detail, 5. White Wedding complete front, 6. Baby Deer Pillow, 7. Teal & Turquoise Peony Kisslock Clutch Handbag- Silk LinedFrom MyPatternedMind, 8. “Mom” pincushion, 9. ewok, 10. The Virgin Suicides, 11. Felt Owl Iphone Cozy in Navy, Pink, & Floral , 12. Mr. pillowcase, 13. Zig Zag WIP, 14. Bubble Wrap Napkins for Amy, 15. Asian Inspired Pincushion, 16. Vintage crewel pincushions

Mid-Week Break

I realized recently that the one thing I’m missing is a place to share the things I come across on my travels through the intertubes. I used to do a Flickr favorites things called Woolgathering, so I’ll incorporate that into this weekly post in a simpler fashion. I’ll call it a Mid-Week Break, because that’s exactly what it’ll be – a little break from the week to zone out and explore random interesting stuff. Usually new, sometimes not so much. It should happen in the middle-ish of the week (Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday), and it’ll just be me sharing cool crap with you. I like to share my cool crap, but there are so many amazing people doing cool crap of their own out there!

Also, a MASSIVE shout out to my lovely friend Suzy and her amazing first sewing pattern, Antoinette. It was released a few weeks ago and I really should’ve mentioned it sooner, apologies for my tardiness, but it’s not too late to go check it out. Really, it’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful design and, insanely, is a FREE download from Suzy’s blog. If you do any dressmaking-type sewing, you really should be reading Suzy’s blog, you won’t regret it.

Mid-Week Break, May 3 (on the blog)
1. day 162b, 2. finished zigzag tote, 3. IMG_4581, 4. obliteration room, Yayoi Kusama exhibition, 5. Needle Power, 6. WIP, 7. hexagons, 8. sampling :: corn stitch, 9. Diamond Stacks for Everyone!

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