Mid-week Break

  • I can’t believe I forgot to point you towards Cate Anevski’s Blog Hop post! Such a dummy. I invited Cate after my post here, and she answered the same questions on her blog over here.
  • Part Two of our Summer Nights Stitch-along is online at Sew Mama Sew now!
  • A bunch of awesome peeps have posted about the Foldio lately and I totally have toy envy! What an awesome tool – UK shops: pretty please stock this asap, ok?! Thanks.
  • My lovely friend Cheryl (aka elephantjuice on IG and Twitter) shared this link about The Worst Star Wars Exhibition Ever. And it really is. But oh god, how I want to go to it. Seriously, so much.
  • I’m taking deep breaths and keeping calm, getting ready to make a Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented for the upcoming Fat Quarterly Retreat (not that it’s only a week away and I’m totally running out of time or anything) – I’ll show you my progress soon, but in the meantime, there’s some beautiful versions below and some excellent tips at From The Blue Chair. Wish me luck!

Mid-Week Break - July 10, 2014

1. Kantschool, 2. Wantage Lacemakers 2013, 3. STLMQG Rip Challenge, 4. Double goosed pincushion, 5. Watching you, 6. Grandmother Flower Garden, 7. Two down one to go!! #tinygeese, 8. a new micro mini sweater, 9. Sew Together Bag Inside, 10. ‘Michael the Magnificent’, 11. Play Around the World Quilt, 12. Beejeebers July block, 13. More random stitches on my art journal #embroidery project!, 14. cherry, 15. Sew Together Bag #5 – sunshine edition, 16. envolée_det

Mid-Week Break

Holy cow, it’s been a long time since I posted a mid-week break! Yikes. My ‘regular feature’ posts were put aside during the chaos that was Christmas and, well, all the surrounding months, so I’ll try to get back into the swing of things over the coming weeks!

Ok, speechifying over. Want to see the pretties? This week’s is a particular pretty mosaic, isn’t it?! Have a good week, friends!

Mid-Week Break Returns! March 13th Edition.

1. Vintage Love, 2. Yarn porn, 3. handdyed silky wool, 4. 3×6 Bee Solids Q1, 5. Embroidery Buttons, 6. New Pinnie, 7. My #mollymarkettote is complete!!!! Can’t wait to bring it to #sewsouth Pattern by @ilikeorangetoo will be released soon!, 8. Sampler block #30, Pat’s Star, 9. Gray & Yellow Crewel Dress, 10. Danish Sampler, 11. hojas nuevas, 12. This one is going to be for me. I love it!, 13. Linen patchwork pillow cover, 14. Pennsylvania quilt square in progress: close-up, 15. Teeny geese pincushion, 16. A pincushion in progress.

Mid-Week Break

Mid-Week Break - October 24 2013

1. library tote, 2. “Twinkle”, 3. Sit & Stay – Embroidery Hoop Appliqué Pillows, 4. Two loves, 5. Untitled, 6. Smoke and FIre Scarf: finished!, 7. pequeño gato, 8. MT Swap Preview, 9. string X, 10. String Block for Jodie, 11. Hex Signs, 12. First stitches after 15 years…, 13. Paper pieced fox block, 14. Trick or Treat, 15. Vintage Valentine Embroidery & Applique, 16. Hawaiian Quilt

Mid-Week Break

Mid-week Break - 31 July 2013

1. Modern scrappy bits swap, 2. three together, 3. Untitled, 4. The Mythology of Tears: tears couldn’t save him from flying too close to the sun, 5. zippy things, 6. nettle, 7. WIP: Tea Solves Everything, 8. Hand quilting detail, 9. Fiar, 10. yes / no, 11. IMG_2893, 12. Sasquatch progress, 13. 夜合枝头别有春,坐含风露入清晨,任他明月能想照,敛尽芳心不向人, 14. In the words of @hotpinkstitches “better late than crappy” #pts, 15. Bird on a Branch I by wild roses grow, 16. thrifting today didnt buy the fish implanted bar but wanted too lol

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