Mid-Week Break

Last Thursday, I twisted or pulled or something-ed my neck and woke up to the most horrible pain, unable to move properly. I was very very gentle and nursed it good and proper for a few days, until it started to feel better and I started to treat it more normally. Now it seems to be going backwards and is much more sore than it was two days ago, so I’m going to go back to full-time nursing today so it doesn’t get even worse. No laptop, just hot water bottles and some gentle knitting. For that reason, I’ll make it quick and just leave you with some pretties to drool over and save my various links for next week! Enjoy!

Mid-Week Break -- February 13, 2013

1. Bloomsbury Nine-Patch Quilt, 2. カテドラルウィンドー, 3. new pink liberty stars, 4. Long and Short Stitch shading, 5. Test layout 2 #granniesquares QAL @oldredbarnco, 6. Scrap Quilt, 7. Cable knit socks, 8. colourful mandala stitching, 9. wolf, 10., 11. glow worm handspun yarn, 12. Ariosa Cowl, 13. Design from the V & A, 14. Vintage Sheet Wreath, 15. January 2013 Let your heart sing, 16. Silk Handspun

Mid-Week Break

Whoops! It’s been ages since we took a little link / look-at-the-pretty break around here! It’s been a pretty good week around here so far, but it’s always nice to stop for a minute and smell the … links. Off we go!

  • I’m loving just about everything in the Lila Ruby King etsy shop – brooches, prints, it’s all so lovely! I’m especially smitten with this gentle cloud fabric.
  • MTV: spineless twerps? Yup, Neil Young, I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • I loved these photos, compiled on the Flickr blog to celebrate the Tube’s birthday a few weeks back. I know lots of people complain about the Tube, and yes it takes an hour to walk from one train to the other; yeah, it is always about a mllion and ten degrees down there. But I love it. I always enjoy taking the Tube, there’s something kind of special about it – it’s not just transportation.
  • Also on the Flickr blog, these astounding Snowflake macros. Whoa.
  • Via a friend on Twitter, here’s a post from TwistedSifter showing 15 famous photographs, colorized by artists Sanna Dullaway. I don’t think the colorized versions are better or worse than the originals, but they definitely show something different, and it always messes with your brain a little to see the extremely familiar in such a new way. No matter what you think, you have to agree that the colorization is absolutely astounding.
Mid-week break - Jan 31

1. Rainbow Sails – A Vintage Quilt, 2. Ferris Wheel Pillow – detail, 3. Sparkle Punch Pillow, 4. I think my fingers are gonna fall off…, 5. 2012 – 09 – 04 – Orange Peel Quilt 1, 6. Heidi and her pal, 7. Madtosh Pashmina Seawash, 8. Cathedral window cushion cover, 9. Embroidery hoops, 10., 11. back of PIF pouch, 12. PTS 7- Angel Pillow ‘Lyrics on Hexies’…, 13., 14. An idea I had in my head, 15. Mouse, bunny and lamb, 16. hiro

Mid-Week Break

And you know we need it this week. Take a breather from the Christmas stress and enjoy some random cool stuff.

Mid-Week Break -- December 19th 2012

1. Mini Quilt, 2. Gremlins, 3. Liberty Cushion, 4. red and white herringbone quilt., 5. lieblingsdecke hirschgezwitscher, 6. DSCN6576, 7. Crazy Quilt Teddy Bear, 8. Pleated Corner Pin Cushion, 9. Wonky Wintery Tree, 10. the twelve dancing princesses, 11. Rainbow mosaic mini quilt, 12. Snowflakes I did embroider, about to become ooak pincushion brooches! #handmadechristmas Px, 13. Ornament Mini Quilt – finished, 14. DQS – Mini, 15. just transfered, 16. Quilted cookies

Mid-Week Break

Hello there! I know, I’ve been quiet since the Great Map Extravaganza ended – working on that 38/7 really put me behind on, well, pretty much every thing else everywhere, so I’ve been trying to catch up. Mostly on a new set of embroidery patterns – yup, another one! These have been in the works for a while, interrupted to work on the Christmas patterns and the map and other stuff, so now I’m trying to finish them up and get them out in the world. They’re really anxious to meet you! So I better get back to work – enjoy these lovelies until I return!

Mid-Week Break -- 28 November

1. sampler, 2. Brioude’i pitsikeskus, 3. green flea market fancy strip quilt, 4. Christmas-y stuff around our home. That is out all year…, 5. DMC spiral 02, 6. darjeeling, 7. Coasters Guirlanda Floral Azul…, 8. puzzle twister coaster, 9. Lisa the Fox, 10. Helene Kuma niplispitsid Amandus Adamsoni ateljeemuuseumis Paldiskis, 11. Tri-chem 0667 p. 05 b, 12. Dipped Infinity Scarf, 13. cotton bags, 14. Untitled, 15. pigeon on navy embroidery, 16. Dragon Fly

Mid-Week Break

It’s been ages since I’ve done a mid-week break post, I’ve got quite a stash of links saved up to share with you! Here we go:

Mid-Week Break, on the blog

1. Miniature silk Rib cage embroidery on antique hand-made lace cotton panel, 2. 30’s Repro Fabric, 3. I feel bad for you son, 4. flying in the air., 5. Pillow Talk Swap – quilting sneak peak, 6. Embroidered leafs, 7. wooly balls, 8. Vintage barkcloth, 9. DSC_0985, 10. Leaf 6, 11. 37/52, Dog Shaming, 12. Personalized Embroidery Heart Ornaments Monogram, 13. Totally groovy 4, 14. Sewn Spaces Pincushion Swap, 15. french knots, 16. new design owls

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