Freaky Flowers Swap: Venomous Tentacula

Venomous Tentacula - pattern coming soon!

I made this embroidery for my swap partner, Amanda, in the Freaky Flowers Swap over at &Stitches. Amanda mentioned that she is a book lover and a Harry Potter fan, so we were a perfect match! Only a few plants are directly mentioned in the Harry Potter-verse, that I could find, and only this one didn’t have a strong visual counterpart in the movies; I didn’t want to mimic a look someone else designed, I wanted to imagine what the plant might look like myself.

Not much is known about the Venomous Tentacula, except that it is toothy, has grabby arms, and is fully poisonous. I based my colors and basic plant structure on real-life carnivorous plants, the nearly neon orange-red against the bright spring green is a common palette for these creepy plants. And my inspiration was antique botany illustrations, which I absolutely love.

I really hope Amanda liked her Freaky Flower and, since reaction to this little guy has been pretty great so far, I think I’ll add it as a pattern to the Little Dorrit & Co. pattern shop very soon!

The Gingerbread Man – New Embroidery Pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

Introducing our second Christmas in July embroidery pattern – The Gingerbread Man! An adorable cookie man making his way through a colorful cookie forest, trying not to be eaten all up.

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

If you remember the story, the poor little Gingerbread Man meets a devious fox who offers to carry him across the river – but then gobbles him all up instead!

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

To be totally honest with you, I think the Gingerbread Man story is a little unfair. I think we’re supposed to think he’s smug, like the Hare, who is so overly confident that he manages to lose a race to a slow-ass tortoise*. But the Gingerbread Man just wants to not be chewed alive, which seems fair enough to me, you know?!

The Gingerbread Man - new embroidery pattern from Little Dorrit & Co.!

All the project stats are in listed on the product page. I might be biased, but I think this one is really fun to work up – we planned the stitching out to mimic gingerbread and icing!

Don’t forget to grab yourself a hearty 20% off in the Little Dorrit & Co. shop! Use the code CHRISTMASINJULY at checkout – this offer ends on August 1st, so just a few days left to take advantage!

*By the way, Little Dorrit & Co. has a Tortoise and the Hare embroidery pattern too. Just sayin’. :)

The Little Elves – New Embroidery Pattern Out Now!

The Little Elves - Little Dorrit & Co. Embroidery Pattern - In the shop now!

Introducing (or re-introducing) the first of our new Christmas embroidery patterns for Christmas in July – we’ve revamped our Little Elves pattern and popped it into the Little Dorrit & Co. shop, complete with color and stitch guide.

The Little Elves - Little Dorrit & Co. Embroidery Pattern - In the shop now!

We added some new detail to the pattern, and spruced up the colors a little. We really hope you guys like these sweet little elves!

The Little Elves - Little Dorrit & Co. Embroidery Pattern - In the shop now!

Now, this isn’t a small, quick project – the finished embroidery is 11″ across! We like a meaty project to sink our stitchy teeth into, don’t you?! But if such a large project makes you nervous, the pattern also looks adorable without the wreath – stick to the center elements and pop it into an 8″ hoop for a charming Christmas decoration.

The Little Elves - Little Dorrit & Co. Embroidery Pattern - In the shop now!

We’ve also taken the opportunity to turn our Little Elves embroidery into a simple wall hanging – come back tomorrow for a tutorial for this holiday project!

Get the pattern in our shop right here!

Don’t forget to nab yourself a special discount on embroidery patterns this month! Just use the code CHRISTMASINJULY for 20% off patterns through all of July – including these little guys!

Free ‘Alice’s Garden’ Embroidery Pattern for Sew Mama Sew!


Eeep! Little Dorrit & Co. has shared a new free pattern via Sew Mama Sew! The pattern is called ‘Alice’s Garden’ and illustrates that famous scene from Through The Looking Glass”go download it at the awesome Sew Mama Sew!

The opportunity to work with Sew Mama Sew inspired us to create a little team portrait, Little-Dorrit-&-Co.-style:


We called it ‘pattern-izing’ ourselves (remember when everybody was Simpsons-izing themselves?!) – we’re not even sure how the idea got started, but once it did, we just knew it had to be done. You can see it in action on our Etsy About page, too!

We hope you love the free embroidery pattern!

(P.S. Apparently, we giveth and we taketh away. We’ve decided to renovate our Little Elves Christmas embroidery pattern, adding a color and stitch guide, etc, and put it up in the shop. It is currently free, available to download via the Freebies page – but it won’t be for long! We’ll take it down in about two weeks so feel free to grab it while it’s still there!)

Frostweed Mitts: New Knitting Pattern Out Now!

Yay for new knitting pattern day! The Frostweed Mitts are here! The Frostweed Mitts are a super-quick knit in two colors of sportweight yarn: one color for the textured body of the mitts, one for the contrast trim around all edges.

I used Quince & Co.’s Chickadee, a deliciously bouncy, round, smooshy pure wool yarn that is so yummy, I would like to cover the whole world in it. YUM.

My samples were knit with one skein each of Dogwood (pink) and Egret (white) and with the yardage of Chickadee, I was able to get two pairs (easily) of Frostweed Mitts out of the two skeins: one pair with a white body and pink trim, another pair with that color placement reversed. Of course I can’t guarantee that all sportweight yarns will allow this, it will depend on your exact yardage and usage — but I only used approximately 5 grams of my contrast color per pair, so you can cut it pretty close and still get a second pair. The tiny amount of contrast color needed makes this a great project to use up little leftover bits as well!

Frostweed Mitts

Quince and Co. Chickadee
50g / 166m (181 yd) per skein, one skein each of main color (MC) and contrast color (CC).
Examples shown in Dogwood and Egret

3.75 mm / US #5 in preferred needle type for knitting small diameters in the round, or size needed to obtain gauge.

24 sts / 38 rows = 4” / 10 cm in Frostweed Texture Pattern, blocked.

Finished Size:
To fit hand circumference (measured around knuckles) of 7.5”

Other materials / tools:
3 stitch markers
6”-ish length of scrap yarn
small yarn needle

The Frostweed Mitts pattern is now available via Ravelry, or you can just click the button above / in the sidebar to the left to purchase (checkout via my blog is powered by Ravelry, but a Ravelry account is not required). Happy Knitting!

(Thanks again to the lovely Carina for taking these beautiful photos!)

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