Pattern Giveaway!!

Comments are now closed! I’ll pick the winner and post here on Saturday, March 23rd – WHEEEE!

This is it. The last one! The final gift. (Except that I still owe two. More on that in a minute.) When I first started this challenge, I knew I wanted to do a giveaway. I’ve done stuff with / for other internet-based friends, how could I not do the same for my readers?

Except the thing is … the only thing I really have to giveaway at the moment is my patterns! I hope one day I will have something more exciting, but I hope you don’t too much in the meantime. :)

So I will give away TWO PATTERNS to one randomly-drawn awesome winner, and the reason it’s TWO PATTERNS is because if you are a knitter you can pick TWO KNITTING PATTERNS and if you are a stitcher you can pick TWO EMBROIDERY PATTERNS but if you are, like me, both, you can pick ONE KNITTING PATTERN AND ONE EMBROIDERY PATTERN. I will email or send via Ravelry, or send by carrier pigeon, or get to you in any other manner you like!

More on how to enter in a minute, here’s the final rundown of my 29 Gifts challenge:

(If you’re unnaturally observant, you might notice a missed #23 – I swear I didn’t skip it, I just appear to have mis-numbered or mis-listed somehow.)

GIft #24: This is one of the ones I still owe. Someone I wanted to gift with something is away right now and I didn’t want to skip her just because she was busy doing something else. It didn’t seem fair. So I put #24 on hold until she returns.

Gift #25: I bought my Dad a new album I thought he’d like.

Gift #26: Lottery scratch cards for the whole family! No one won, sadly.

Gift #27: Big obscene Compost Cookies for my brother. Nom.

Gift #28: …. Um …. Ok, I admit it: I totally forgot! I got all distracted by something I’m working on, and I think I thought I already had it sorted. Except I didn’t. So I still have another gift to give today. I’m not sure exactly what, but I expect it’ll be a small family-based treat just to say thanks and stuff.

And Gift #29 is you guys! I hope you enter and take a chance to win! Especially if you’re normally a silent reader – I see my blog stats and reader subscriptions and I know there must be people out there I’ve never heard from!

So just leave me a comment before midnight (UK time) next Wednesday, 20th of March 2013, and tell me about a gift you gave recently. Or, even better, go out and give one and then come tell me about it! Don’t forget it doesn’t have to have been a formal, wrapped gift to celebrate an event. Just something nice you did for someone recently!!!

Thanks for entering!

Behind the Scenes

Hey internet, sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately! I’ve been working crazy hard to get something finished in time to submit it somewheres for (online) publication — eep, so exciting even if it’s not picked! — and getting some new embroidery patterns ready. I can’t really show anything just yet, but here’s a little glimpse of what’s been going on for the last week or so …


Classic Colorwork Cowl: my first knitting pattern (Feelin’ like a proud mama)

Hey, lookit! My first knitting pattern!!! And, geez, it took long enough – this was started way back in November or so – but it’s finally here!

Classic Colorwork Cowl
Classic Colorwork Cowl

This project basically started just as an intellectual exercise – I really just wanted the experience of designing something knitted and creating a pattern from it. At about the same time, I started seeing fair isle absolutely everywhere. And in that way that trends brainwash us, I wanted me some fair isle so badly. It seemed like those two wishes could go together quite well.

In one of those John Lewis winter sales, I picked up a few balls of the oh-so-lovely (but now sadly discontinued) Rowan 4 Ply Soft that happened to go together beautifully. It was not at all intentional, just a happy accident.

Classic Colorwork Cowl

So I threw in some creamy goodness in the form of a ball of Rowan 4 Ply Cashsoft and I had a readymade fair isle palette. A couple of days flipping through Sheila McGregor’s fabulous Traditional Fair Isle Knitting and Traditional Scandinavian Knitting gave me a selection of motifs that were exactly what I was looking for – so traditional that it almost borders on cheesy, but is still cute: snowflakes, hearts, and the most perfect reindeer. Though some people insist that they’re moose. The more I look at them, the more unsure I am either way, so I say the knitter is free to choose.

Classic Colorwork Cowl

I kept it basically simple, to allow the colorwork to speak for itself and not get too cluttered, though I did throw in a little detail with a slightly fancier-than-normal ribbing. The project stats are all included in the PDF (link down at the bottom of the post), but here’s the basics:

Yarn: 4-ply wool yarn in four colors (pattern will work best with a neutral + three shades of one color); 50g of each will be more than enough, this would be a good use for leftovers and partial balls

Needles: 16” circular needles, 2.25mm and 3.0mm

Gauge: 34 st and 35 rounds = 4” in stranded colorwork, blocked

Finished Size: 11.5” height x 21.5” circumference

I learned so much from working on even this simple design. There’s so much more to consider than I expected, both in the design and the creation of an actual pattern. But I really really enjoyed it. I really hope some people knit it (that would be amazing to see!), but I’d still be pretty dang proud of myself just for getting something this far. And now that I know what to expect from the design and pattern-writing process a little better, I hope to step it up a little for whatever ends up being my next design project!

(Disclaimer: this pattern has not been test-knitted! If you find any problems or mistakes, pretty please let me know at: julie [at] button-button [dot] co [dot] uk.)

Little Elves – Free Holiday / Christmas Embroidery Pattern (temporarily removed)

If you’ve come here via google, or a bookmark you’ve saved, hi! I’m so pleased you stopped by. You’re probably looking for a free Christmas-themed embroidery pattern, and there’s nothing here now. The old pattern that was here has been tweaked and redesigned for regular freehand embroidery, and is now available — still free! — right here. Happy stitching! (updated: December 2, 2011)

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