Real Life.

Crashed the heck out in my lap.

I share so much of the everyday regular-old-life stuff over on Instagram and Twitter that I really neglect it here. If you’re one of the few readers that I don’t know for real or that I chat with on either of those places, I suppose I’m just a never-ending stream of half-finished projects. Which I kind of am. But there’s other stuff sometimes too, and these last two weeks have been a bit of a doozy.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a lump on the back of my darling Oscar’s (pictured above) back. I didn’t worry about it too much right away, but I knew I had to keep a close eye on it. When it didn’t disappear after a week or so, I thought he better get it seen to since I’m going to be going away for a week and didn’t want to leave it until after that. I dreaded it though, because we’ve come to not really trust our usual vet, suspecting him of tacking on costs that aren’t really necessary, or put your little creature under too much stress, taking advantage of your concern.

As predicted, that vet did exactly that, so we took the estimate away and decided to get a second opinion. The dear Mrs. Suzy Sewing gave me an awesome recommendation for a new vet who I felt immediately comfortable with.

So my gorgeous little bear had surgery on Monday and since he’s an older gentleman – 16 this spring – it’s always a scary thing. Oscar’s been with me for so long, I can’t bear to think about life without him – we do everything together. He sleeps in a ball next to me, sits on my lap while I knit, waits for me at the door when I come home. We’re inseparable. But he did great! He’s remarkably healthy and strong and came through the surgery like it wasn’t no thang, and is now recovering with barely a change in his normal behavior. What an amazing boy. (The photo above is him totally crashed out last night, getting good rest in after a long couple of days.) It was a terrifying few days that I’m still exhausted – physically and emotionally – from. But so so so relieved. I wish I could just spend the next three days scratching his brave little head and giving him snuggles.

At the same time, I submitted two knitting pattern proposals to be considered for publication! Eep! I don’t know how it’ll really feel if they are rejected, but at the moment I’m thinking it’d be ok. If they are, I’ll keep working on them and stick ’em up on Ravelry anyway. But I had to just jump in and give it a go, because if I stick with the crafty world, there’s going to be submissions and that sort of thing in my future and I can’t get anywhere being afraid of them. I don’t know if the pattern ideas will be what they’re looking for at all, but I can at least say that I’m really proud of the quality of my submission itself, and that’s something, right?

Phew. So how have you guys been?