FOs (knitted)

Magrathea Shawl FO
Magrathea, finished

This doofy photo was, sadly, the best of the bunch, and it doesn’t even show the glittering sparkle in this lovely yarn from iKnit! Dammit. I love the shawl though, so so so much. Possibly my favorite knit ever.

Ranger Cardigan FO
Ranger, finished

This is my brother. He’s a dork. The cardigan came out pretty well though – other than sleeves that are too long (he’s cuffed them here) – even if I missed finishing it during the Ravellenic Games by about a hundred years.

Noro Scarf FO
Noro Scarf FO
Noro scarf, finished

Noro Sekku (laceweight) scarf also done, ready to give away as a Christmas present – but I really enjoyed this pattern in the end as well, and I’ll be making myself a version in one of the Noro sock yarns. I’m not likely to wear a cotton decorative scarf like this one, but I love how this pattern handles the Noro colors, so I’ll do a wooly version for winter.

On top of all this stuff finally getting finished, a dear friend also helped me work out a problem with a new pattern I’ve been working on, which means it’s basically finished! I just have to get the pattern together and get it tested, woohoo! More on that soon though. For now, I think I’ve learned my lesson and will keep the number of WIPs down to a reasonable few. It’s clear that having so many WIPs doesn’t work for me – I get frustrated because I feel like nothing gets finished, and because things take sooo long to finish, I get bored on top of it. I doubt I’ll ever be a monogomous crafter – what’s the fun in that?! – but I think this last string of never-ending WIPs will keep me in check … for a while, anyway. How about you? Are you a serial starter or a faithful crafter?