Now you see it…


One of my post-Christmas-gifts holiday knitting projects was a handspun version of the Cladonia shawl. I actually spun the yarn specifically for this pattern months ago, but only got to it now. I reached the lace portion a few days ago and was so excited to knit it, I actually saved it for the perfect cozy time. Luckily, I really enjoyed knitting it, because I’ll get to start it all over again tonight. My Cladonia plan involved introducing new colors in the border, one in the little eyelet rows that begin and close the lace section, another in the lace itself. After I finished knitting the final row of the lace last night, I suddenly realised I hadn’t switched colors in the right place, way back before starting the lace. I tried to pretend it wouldn’t bother me, but deep down, we knitters know those kind of mistakes will make us crazy. Sigh.

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