Little Dorrit & Co. Enamel Pin For Sale!

Floral Enamel Pin

Eeeep! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long while now and I finally took the plunge: using Little Dorrit & Co. designs on items other than only embroidery patterns. I just think they are super-cute, although I am a teensy bit biased, and I would love to see them make their way a little further into the world.

Floral Enamel Pin

So I decided to start with an enamel pin, because I’m totally loving this trend (so fun!) and I thought pin-lovers like me might appreciate one that’s a little different – sweet, teensy, and dainty. So I’ve started with one of our popular Shakespeare’s Flowers designs, because they’re so so pretty (if I do say so my damn self). I’m working on a plan for a second pin – any requests? – and I’ve got some other ideas for Little Dorrit & Co. merchandise a-brewin’. Watch out for new items in the coming months!

Our new Primrose enamel pin is available in the shop now, and you can find our Shakespeare’s Flowers embroidery pattern (five designs in one!) right here.