Fibre-East 2012 breakdown

Woohoo, Fibre-East was SO. AWESOME! The Knitters and I had a wonderful time, got lucky with a one-day let-up in the constant rain (this photo makes the sky look ominous and it was getting a little cloudy right as we were getting ready leave, but the rest of the day was lovely), and went home with some beautiful yarny / woolly treats!

My savings jar worked out better than I could’ve imagined:

Which was just the change, there was also some cash stuffed in there and some I had set aside too, so I ended up with about £110 – I never, ever expected the change to be so much though, I will totally do this for events like this from now on! I didn’t notice the little wee bits of money going in there, so I got to enjoy a totally guilt-free shopping spree. Last year I focused on undyed wools and yarns because I had a much smaller spending budget. This year, my jar let me buy a few luxury treats as well.

Fibre-East Loots - dyed

There’s some dyed Wensleydale from the amazing Yarnscape, a big beautiful vampy batt from Boo’s Attic (no website that I know of, which is maybe just as well because I’d never leave it), and a deliciously hot pink Merino / Seacell (a blend I’ve never tried before) from Fluff ‘n’ Stuff (which was the hardest choice ever, I really could’ve spent my whole budget there in about 15 minutes and gone home totally happy).

The Skein Queen yarn is stunning, intended for a Winter Sparkles Shawl. That pattern has been in my queue for-ev-er and I finally found the perfect dreamy yarn for it. The gold is from Oliver Twists (who doesn’t have a website, which is both a shame and maybe lucky, because they had some of the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever seen!) – laceweight silk, totally for no reason other than being beautiful like liquid gold. I couldn’t bear to leave it behind, though I have no specific plan for it.

Fibre-East Loots - undyed

As for undyed treats, I did pretty well there too. I was surprised not to find more stalls with unusual breeds; I wouldn’t say it was disappointing, but that was something I was hoping to find. There were some, definitely, especially in more raw forms, but I was hoping to find more processed wool of new-to-me breeds. I did get some Masham and some Swaledale, neither of which I’ve tried before. These are supposed to be on the less-soft side, but I thought they felt lovely. A little rustic, sure, this isn’t the finest merino, but I actually like a more woolly wool. Those came from Adelaide Walker, where I also got a little bundle of BFL / silk blend – my favorite wool in the world, mixed with silk?! No brainer. Actually, my only regret of the day was not getting more of these small bags from Adelaide Walker, just to try different wools, but honestly, I probably won’t even get to spin all this before Fibre-East 2013 anyway! The bag of fluff is angora straight from the bunny, kind of stinky in a nice animal sort of way (my dog can’t stop obsessing over it), though lovely and soft. The skein is sparkle sock from DT Crafts, which I plan to dye a deep-dark-midnight-blue.

Better get to work, eh? Oh, but wait – first, admire the face on this guy, who really, really wanted to come home with me:

(Anyone know what kind of breed he is? Just curious!)


Thursday + Friday Loot

Isn’t this the prettiest little pile of loot you ever saw? After a chaotic week, and an especially tired and very odd Friday, I thought I deserved a little treat. This is a slippery slope indeed, but luckily my justification led to a very reasonable collection. I snatched up the copy of Mollie Makes from the WH Smith in Milton Keynes – still one left last Thursday when I got it! – which was pretty exciting for two reasons: 1.) I missed the first issue and couldn’t do the starter subscription deal like I’d hoped, so I hadn’t even seen this much-talked-about new magazine in person yet, and 2.) the lovely Scrapiana has the cover project of this second issue! I’m so pleased for her, and her strawberries are just too adorable, dontcha think?

The yarn and precious little birdy brooch were greedily acquired at All The Fun Of The Fair, a tiny charming shop in London with yarn and other crafty whatsits that I’d visited several years ago and remembered when worn out both physically and mentally in town on Friday. I wanted a little treat to wash away the morning I’d had, which was neither good nor bad but kind of surreal, and hoped they’d still have some boring ‘ole Opal sock yarn in stock. Having lived in a house with carpeting for some time now, I’ve come to accept that luxurious sock yarn just doesn’t agree with it. (More on my now overflowing darning pile another day.) So I’m leaving the the pretty hand-dyed stuff for shawls and other non-sock projects and sticking with the workhorse yarn for socks. It’s not exactly the most glamorous yarn, but it gets the job done and it wears like iron. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to give up knitting socks altogether, right?