The Tour de Fleece Begins!

Silk Hankies

It’s time! It’s time! I’m so excited! For my first challenge in the Tour de Fleece, I’m going to be working on these silk hankies. They are absolutely impossible to photograph well, they always look too bright. In reality, they’re a lovely deep, slightly electric (but not neon), greeny-blue. I had to dye them in two batches and they came out slightly different colors, so I’ll have to make sure I blend the two halves together well. Honestly, I have no real idea how to spin silk hankies – I have tried them once before, many years ago when I was still a very new and curious spinner, but I didn’t do them much justice. Thick and lumpy, plied too tightly, very dense. I’m looking forward to giving it another go now that I know more about spinning. Today I’ll just start with prepping them – I’m going to try the poke-a-hole-and-make-a-big-ring method as well as the pull-on-opposite-corners method of pre-drafting and see how they work out for me. With my limited experience spinning silk, I know that my previous attempts have failed because I didn’t put enough twist in, resulting in a fuzzy yarn rather than a shiny and smooth yarn. I’m going to be aiming for laceweight or fingering weight singles, but I’ll mostly just be happy if it’s pretty! So off I go – wheee!

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