Thursday + Friday Loot

Isn’t this the prettiest little pile of loot you ever saw? After a chaotic week, and an especially tired and very odd Friday, I thought I deserved a little treat. This is a slippery slope indeed, but luckily my justification led to a very reasonable collection. I snatched up the copy of Mollie Makes from the WH Smith in Milton Keynes – still one left last Thursday when I got it! – which was pretty exciting for two reasons: 1.) I missed the first issue and couldn’t do the starter subscription deal like I’d hoped, so I hadn’t even seen this much-talked-about new magazine in person yet, and 2.) the lovely Scrapiana has the cover project of this second issue! I’m so pleased for her, and her strawberries are just too adorable, dontcha think?

The yarn and precious little birdy brooch were greedily acquired at All The Fun Of The Fair, a tiny charming shop in London with yarn and other crafty whatsits that I’d visited several years ago and remembered when worn out both physically and mentally in town on Friday. I wanted a little treat to wash away the morning I’d had, which was neither good nor bad but kind of surreal, and hoped they’d still have some boring ‘ole Opal sock yarn in stock. Having lived in a house with carpeting for some time now, I’ve come to accept that luxurious sock yarn just doesn’t agree with it. (More on my now overflowing darning pile another day.) So I’m leaving the the pretty hand-dyed stuff for shawls and other non-sock projects and sticking with the workhorse yarn for socks. It’s not exactly the most glamorous yarn, but it gets the job done and it wears like iron. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to give up knitting socks altogether, right?

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