Canvaswork Sampler FO + June’s Sampler?

Canvaswork Sampler FO

As expected, I did finish my canvaswork sampler while I was in Amsterdam (pinned here, ready to be blocked) – I think crewel is definitely the style I want to keep exploring, but this canvaswork is such fantastic fun!

Canvaswork Sampler FO

It’s so instant-gratification – I’m sure every other sampler I’ve done so far took at least twice as long as this one. And I enjoyed it so much more, just relaxing, stitchy fun.

Canvaswork Sampler FO

I think I want to use this cream-and-gray stitch in something large, just as a total all-over pattern. In these exact colors, it’s so delicious!

Canvaswork Sampler FO

Sorry I didn’t offer much guidance on this sampler, if you’ve been stitching along at all. The truth is, you really don’t need any more than I linked to earlier. It’s just too simple to need more!

Canvaswork Sampler FO

So. Time for June’s Sampler, #9. The thing is … I got nuthin’. No ideas. No inspiration at all. I mean, I have a list of potential styles to ‘sample’, and I want to try them all, but … none of them are grabbing me right now. And everything on that list needs a little more research than I have time for, given that it’s the 2nd of June already and I haven’t started. Any ideas??

(P.S. – I’m working on a new blog design and it’s eating up up all of my blogging time. Posting will be a little light for a while, but I promise, I’m not gone. And if you miss me, you can always find me at Twitter and Instagram!)

Sampler #8 Supplies: Canvaswork

Sampler #8: Canvaswork

I’m coming along nicely on my crewel shading sampler, so I expect to show you the FO on Monday, which is only a few days behind schedule for Sampler #8. So I’m not ready to start yet, but I like to show you the supplies a bit ahead of time, just in case you want to play along.

Sampler #8 will be canvaswork – what Americans call needlepoint and the British call tapestry (though not woven tapestry, of course). I remember doing some simple tent stitch needlepoint as a child, but I’m more intrigued by the geometric fill stitches like this one I pinned on Pinterest – about two years ago! That pin is by Karen BarbĂ©, who does a lot of canvaswork in this minimalist style that I love and I suspect I will look to her a lot for inspiration while I work on this sampler.

All we’ll need for this is some canvas and tapestry wool – or, as you can see above, PerlĂ© Cotton (thicker types would be best) or Soft Cotton. I’ll probably stick with the wool for the most part, but all of these can be used for canvaswork and I’ve seen some lovely samplers that make use of the different textures the thread types create!